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    29 Things For People Who Love Cool And Creepy Stuff

    Creepy but kinda cute stuff — like the ghost emoji. 👻

    1. A haunted welcome mat to scare away any uninvited guests.

    2. Box of Goth — a subscription service that delivers creepy and dark stuff right to your door.

    3. A coffin ring for people who take "'till death" very seriously.

    4. Squiggly candle holders that have some serious Tim Burton vibes.

    5. A pair of heels everyone will go absolutely batty for.

    6. A snuggly...thing that allows you to truly relax. Can't do chores without arms!

    7. An ice skull mold to make any drink instantly more scary, no bones about it.

    8. Or a skull shot glass if you like your drinks as stiff as a corpse.

    9. A pair of bat wings that will look totally fly on your pet Salem.

    10. A Venus fly trap plant in a self-sustaining lightbulb that just needs some light and a lil' blood. JK, but if you don't name it Audrey II, I'm judging you.

    11. A set of Zombie Pack treatments that'll bring your skin back to life (in a way Rick Grimes would be OK with).

    12. A pimple popper simulation toy for some good, old-fashioned, creepy-as-heck relaxation.

    13. Halloween bark that's sooo much better than Christmas bark because it replaces peppermint with googly eyes, bones, and other spooky decorations.

    14. A birthday cake candelabra for anyone who wants that haunted gothic mansion charm 24/7.

    15. Cockroach design sandwich bags to make sure Ted from accounting stays the heck away from your lunch this time. More protein for you. ;)

    16. A necklace featuring a teeny-tiny pair of vampire teeth for a look that definitely doesn't suck.

    17. Or an accessory for the frugal: a glow-in-the-dark pin!

    18. A geometric cat candle that melts to reveal a metal skeleton inside.

    19. A Reaper Polo sweatshirt for anyone who think Ralph Lauren-style fashion is totally dead.

    20. A pack of bat wall decorations so you can recreate your favorite Katie Ryan moment.

    21. An LP of Billie Eilish's "When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We All Go?" in a lovely Halloween color scheme so you can have the best album in the best holiday's colors.

    22. A skeleton-covered mini skirt that unfortunately must be purchased with a credit card instead of worms or bones.

    23. Black cat pens you'll feel anything but unlucky using.

    24. A Ouija board bag — I don't need to spell out why this thing is spooky perfection.

    25. A knife-cat pin you'll make a *point* of wearing every day.

    26. An eerie poster to display in your home that — unlike the house in the illustration — is sadly not covered in hair.

    27. Fuzzy pumpkin earrings you'll look gourd-geous in.

    28. Monsters You Should Know — an illustrated book featuring all the best creepy-crawlies worth your attention.

    29. And a Funko Pop! doll dedicated to the queen of creeps, Wednesday Addams.

    Me admiring all this spooky stuff:

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