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    24 Things You Need If You're Kinda Creepy (In A Good Way)

    ♪ Cause I'm a creeeeep / In a gooood waayyy ♪

    1. A Venus fly trap plant in a self-sustaining lightbulb that just needs some light and a lil' blood. JK, but if you don't name it Audrey II, I'm judging you.

    2. A pack of fossil cookie cutters that are a din-o-mite project any time you want something sweet. Bone appetite!

    3. A somewhat forward bath mat to make all your guests a little uncomfortable.

    4. Mini bat wings so you can turn your fuzzy little kitten into a ferocious monster.

    5. A Pennywise mug that knows and exploits your darkest fears (running out of coffee).

    6. A mouth-held cat brush so you can really feel like your cat's mommy when you groom them.

    7. A set of Zombie Pack treatments that'll bring your skin back to life (in a way Rick Grimes would be OK with).

    8. A truly gross egg separator for the strong-stomached bunch who won't lose their appetite after using it.

    9. A pair of blobfish slippers that looks how I feel.

    10. A pimple popper simulation toy for some good, old-fashioned, creepy-as-heck relaxation.

    11. A baby foot peeling kit to give you silky soft feet without even having to steal them from an actual baby.

    12. A snuggly...thing that allows you to truly relax. Can't do chores without arms!

    13. A birthday cake candelabra for anyone who wants that haunted gothic mansion charm 24/7.

    14. A geometric cat candle that melts to reveal a metal skeleton inside.

    15. A dragon staple remover so you can whisper "dracarys" every time you need to separate some paper.

    16. A baseball cap featuring the hitchhiking ghosts from what we can agree is the best area of Disneyland.

    17. A pasta monster strainer to make dinnertime so good, it'll be scary.

    18. A terrarium sticker or pin featuring a lil' caged Mothman. Free him!!!

    19. Cockroach design sandwich bags to make sure Ted from accounting stays away from your lunch this time. More protein for you. ;)

    20. A Silence of the Lambs-inspired brooch that has me telling you: "It puts the pin in the basket."

    21. A non-medical face mask sporting some cool ouija patterns that look spellbinding.

    22. An LP of Billie Eilish's "When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?" in a lovely Halloween color scheme so you can have the best album in the best holiday's colors.

    23. A serial killer coloring book you might wanna buy along with an extra set of red crayons.

    24. And an enamel pin featuring the home of Baba Yaga, aka my dream house.

    Me checking out all these cool, creepy things:

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