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    45 Amazing Things That'll Probably Make You Want To Click "Buy"

    *mouse snaps from the sheer force of the click*

    1. A pack of fridge drawer liners to help extend the life of your produce. Maybe you'll actually finish a bag of spinach for once.

    veggie liner in drawer

    2. A weekly planner with a cute design that says "hey, let's work at our pace. No worries."

    hand holds up a small planner that says one week at a time with room for each day of the week plus an area for this week's to-dos

    3. A glitzy ring with a spinning stone for a more adult and subtle fidget spinner.

    4. A windshield cover to prevent snow and ice from accumulating on your car. Just peel it off and drive!

    5. A variety pack of better-for-you cheese balls for a snack that simply can't be beat.

    bowl of small cheese balls

    6. Jumbo divider sticky notes so you can jot down some summary notes on each section in your notebook. Congratulations on becoming the most organized person in class!

    big sticky note with divider

    7. A pair of bamboo charcoal deodorizers sure to zap any bad smells that might be haunting you.

    rectangle fabric packets

    8. A bottle of Mike's Hot Honey that seriously tastes good on everything. Pizza, wings, veggies, dumplings, salad, cocktails, ice cream, everything!

    9. A grout pen so you can easily cover up unsightly tile grout without having to, you know, scrub them clean.

    grout pen covering the grout with white pen

    10. A pet grooming glove capable of ridding your furry friend of all their excess fur with just a few swipes. And they'll probably even enjoy it because it'll feel like a great petting session!

    11. A handy dandy bracelet clamp so you can put your bracelets on all by yourself without even screaming or cursing.

    hand uses long stem with clip to close bracelet

    12. A hanger organizer you'll thank every day when you see how neat and tidy your closet has become.

    13. A nail and cuticle oil to repair all the damage you've wreaked on your paws after peeling that gel manicure off.

    before: peeling nails after: no more peeling

    14. A pack of pimple patches that can vacuum all the gunk out of your face and kick pimples to the curb.

    finger with round sticker with sebum on it

    15. A Shredder...shredder. This TMNT cheese grater will be the perfect companion when shredding your own mozzarella for pizza night. You'll need a lot if you ever want slices as gooey as the ones eaten in the show.

    cheese grater with shredder head on it

    16. A pastel accordion folder that can hold up to 200 (!!!) pieces of paper so you can finally organize that heap of looseleaf.

    pastel accordion folders with smily face design

    17. A splurge-worthy Dyson vacuum, because if you're going to clean, you might as well do it as effectively as possible. That way you can avoid doing it again for longer. Clean smarter, people!

    stick vacuum

    18. Foreo Luna Mini 2 — a handy lil' gadget ready to exfoliate and cleanse your face, leaving it feeling brand spankin' new.

    round device with bristles

    19. A bag of color-changing butterfly pea tea for people who like beverages that put on a show.

    20. Shower clips to keep your shower curtain in place so you can keep the water inside the bathtub.

    wall clip that hangs onto shower curtain

    21. A pack of Bottle Bright tablets that clean those hard-to-reach places so you don't have to. That moldy Nalgene you forget to clean for a year can now be saved from the garbage!

    before: dirty cup during: foaming cup after: clean cup

    22. A TokyoTreat box filled with curated snacks imported from Japan sure to send your tastebuds on a ride. Enjoy tasty treats like DIY candy kits, peach parfait KitKats, ginger tempura chips, and the iconic Asahi Melon cream soda.

    23. A beloved and possibly worshipped Tubshroom to catch all your hair and gunk before it goes down the drain and leads to a costly plumber visit.

    mushroom shaped device that collects hair from drain

    24. A toilet cleaning wand that'll feel like a ~magic~ wand when you see how great the results are. You'll be the Merlin of bathrooms.

    25. An aromatherapy migraine stick to roll on your skin for some much-needed relief when it starts to feel like someone wedged an ice pick into your brain.

    26. An under-desk peddling device so you can do something about your fidgeting feet that's not, say, kicking Ted from accounting for chewing too loudly.

    model uses pedaler

    27. A bag of powdered cheddar great for making your own "box" mac 'n' cheese or for adding a kick to your homemade popcorn.

    review image of pot of really cheesy mac and cheese

    28. A trendy chunky choker chain for edgy dressers looking for a little bling.

    model wears thick gold chain

    29. A bottle of ultra-fancy olive oil — this stuff is so good and the bottle is so cute, you'll never wanna return to the grocery store kind.

    matte white bottle of olive oil

    30. Sheet suspenders to help keep your corners in place so you don't wake up in a tangle of sheets. Is there anything more annoying than having your sheets fall off the corners of your mattress? Maybe headphones getting yanked out of your ears, but this is a close second!

    suspenders on bottom of mattress

    31. Or some deep-pocketed sheets from Target to ensure your sheets stay put all on their own.

    model puts sheets on bed

    32. A classic leather tote with plenty of room for all your stuff: lip balm, extra mask, water bottle, one million reusable grocery bags, your phone, a five-year-old tin of mints, the kitchen sink, etc.

    black leather tote

    33. A chunky, velvet weighted blanket that's totally worth splurging on.

    model cuddles with large knit blanket

    34. Foot peel masks that will help you shed your old, dry skin like a snake and get the silky soft feet you've been dreaming of.

    before: feet in plastic socks during: peeling skin on feet after: smooth feet

    35. A hands-free grocery grip to make carrying your bags an easier experience, whether you're lugging bags by foot to your apartment or trying to get all the bags into the house from your car in one trip.

    36. An organizer that'll turn your unruly ring of keys into a cool Swiss Army knife-like device.

    device filled with keys

    37. A trio of beautiful satin scrunchies you should really spoil your hair with. The gentle nature of satin means less friction messing with your 'do.

    green yellow and pink scrunchies

    38. A dongle keychain holder so you always know where that tiny, valuable friend is hanging. Assuming you know where your keys are.

    keychain that clicks into the dongle

    39. A little cast iron llama paperweight. Idk how many strong gusts of wind that are coming through your home and messing with your papers, but having a desk friend is never a bad idea.

    small llama figurine

    40. A heavy-duty moisturizer here to make you believe in miracles once you see what it does to your face.

    41. Metal S-shaped hooks so you can hang up everything, everywhere.

    42. The limited edition Balm Dotcom Roulette — you get three mystery lip balms (scents can be anything from birthday cake to coconut) encased in a gorgeous gold card deck pack for an extra sense casino-themed whimsy.

    43. Graveyard dirt bath salt or a Ouija planchette for the spookiest bath around.

    44. A super soft onesie because c'mon — now is the time to own one.

    two models wear hooded onesies in takeout food pattern

    45. A subscription service that sends you a monthly shipment of international coffee so you can feel well-traveled, even if you never leave the couch.

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