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27 Cool Things That'll Bring Some Magic To This Mundane World

It's time to add some razzle-dazzle to your life *throws fairy dust in your face*

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. A magical looking music box you'll be over the moon for.

Apollo Box

Along with the moon, there's also a galaxy one and a bubble one. It projects a rotating image on the ceiling when playing.

Get it from Apollo Box for $80.22 (available in three styles).

2. A levitating planter to help fulfill your dream of becoming a wizard with a green thumb.

Amazon, Caitlin Rose / Via

Promising review: "It's simply soothing. Can literally stare at it for hours as it defies gravity. I figured it would be incredibly unstable, but it's actually so painless and easy to get it into place. You learn to feel the magnetic changeover as the base LEDs indicate when you have it just right. It does usually end up spinning, but seriously, I would consider that a feature/bonus. Not only does my plant float, but I get a complete 360 rotation view of it 24/7. The one thing to watch out for is power loss: It drops like a rock shot out of a potato gun. Best to run it on a uninterruptible power supply." —Barry Durand

Get it from Amazon for $54.48.

3. A nifty spout that creates little Mickey Mouse soap dollops. Just attach to your favorite foaming soap bottle and bam! You're basically in Disneyland.

mickey mouse pump attachment that helps create mouse shaped foam

Get it from MouseDelights3D on Etsy for $9.99.

4. An antioxidant-enriched, magnetic face mask to lift away surface impurities like magic.,

Promising review: "I’ve seen a few a videos about this mask and had to try it myself. It’s amazing! It’s fun, smells so good, and leaves my skin feeling soft. My skin has never felt this good, and I used to work for a high-end make-up retailer and have tried all the expensive creams and serums." —Jessymessy

Get it from Target for $24.

5. A set of airtight silicone storage lids that seal to bowls with the magic power of suction. They're heat-safe so you can also use them as a pot lid or pot holder.


Promising review: "Now, instead of using plastic wrap, I can use these lids to put over the bowl as my dough rises. We can heat leftovers in the microwave, or store them with these on top. My teenager keeps commenting on how useful these lids are and how eco-friendly. Highly, highly recommend them." —Cate

Get a set of five from Food52 for $40.

Read our review of these lids.

6. A tiny cauldron to bubble and provide you with a nice-smelling bath *and* a quartz crystal for later.

plastic cauldron with bath bomb inside with quartz stick and four rose buds

The bath bomb is inspired by the Four of Wands tarot card. It represents working hard to get what you want, aka "making your own magic happen." To The Magic Box is a small business based in Florida  run by Nicole Spaulding who fell in love with the occult at a young age. 

Get it from ToTheMagicBox on Etsy for $6

7. Magical Flames — a cool invention that turns your boring old fire into a rainbow fire. Camping has never felt so rave-like.

A campfire with rainbow flames

Promising review: Mystical Fire Colorant is amazing. For a really fun experience, get some of these for your next camping trip. As if a campfire needs improvement... but this stuff is really neat. I'd say the adults love it even more than the kids. We only used one packet and the colors were so good — seems like they lasted at least 20 minutes. There was even color left in the ashes the next day. We will never go camping again without several packs of Mystical Fire on hand." —TeNe

Get it from Amazon for $6.99.

8. A mystical wireless phone charger for anyone who prefers fantasy over the sci-fi reality we live in.


Magic = unexplained science! This spell circle works with iPhones 11 and up, and Samsung Galaxys S8 and up.

Promising review "Product works great, looks cool, gives my nightstand a bit of magical flair without being so ostentatious that it keeps me up at night unlike some other magic circle chargers. AFAIK the runes mean nothing, the only word I can make out along the outer circle is futharc, which is the name of the Norse rune alphabet and is comprised of the first six letters of said alphabet. Most likely the rest of the letters are merely the rest of the alphabet in sequence, the literal rune equivalent of 'ABCDEFG' and so on. Overall, a good find. I am satisfied." —Kevin

Get it from Amazon for $40.49+ (available in three colors).

9. A hummingbird wrist feeder so tiny flying friends can get up close and personal. Who are you, Cinderella?


Get it from HummerWristFeeders on Etsy for $11.95

10. Or light-up hummingbird wind chimes that'll make it look like a flock of glowing sprites are chilling in your backyard.

glowing hummingbirds on strings

Promising review: "Looks wonderful at night with all the changing colors and glowing birds. Very pretty." —Marilyn

Get it from Wayfair for $30.99.

11. Ouija board planchette coasters for a spooky decor option you can use during Halloween and beyond. I asked, and the spirits said it was OK to use them all year long.

planchette coasters that say goodbye with a moon on the bottom

Get it from ArrowRoseExclusive on Etsy for $8+ (available in sets of one, two, three, or four).

12. A dimmable desk lamp shaped like a big ol' gem to make your space feel like the inside of a magical cavern.

The gem radiating light
West Elm

Get it from West Elm for $199.

13. A peel-and-stick window film for some added privacy, while still letting in light — and rainbows!,

Promising review: "I can't tell you how surprised and delighted we were at the rainbow effect this film has. I bought it to make a window overlooking the street more private, and I thought I would appreciate seeing the rainbow colors on the window itself. But then when the light was shining on it at the right angle, it cast these beautiful rainbow colors on the wall. So I bought a second roll to put on one of our master bedroom windows that overlooks our neighbor's patio so I don't have to draw the curtains. Now in the morning, the light comes in at just the right angle to pass through the rainbow prism and casts beautiful rainbow colors on the wall. And the bed. And the cat." —J.B.

Get it from Amazon for $13.99+ (available in five sizes).

14. Or a magical Disney sun catcher to make your home the happiest place on Earth — because rainbows = happiness, duh.

sticker with illustration of cinderellas castle that refracts light to create rainbows

Get it from WishUponMagic on Etsy for $11.99.

15. A National Geographic map of the United States with a very nifty feature — it's magnetic! You can use the included markers to show where you've been.

map with floating pins on it

Get it from Target for $199

16. A transfixing diffuser you might accidentally mistake for a crystal ball.

round sparkly diffuser
Urban Outfitters

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $65 or something super similar from Amazon for $39.99.

17. A blooming tea for anyone who expects a good show out of their beverages.,

The pack comes with 12 different flavors: Heart Bouquet, Jasmine Lover, Golden Oasis, Floral Passion, Sunset Love, Fairy Lily, Eternal Love, Rising Spring, Shooting Star, Fireplace Bloom, Dancing Leaves, and Enchanting Beauty. Pair it with a glass teapot or pitcher.

Promising review: "I am completely hooked on blooming/flowering teas. I was raised by British parents, so I grew up drinking English Breakfast Tea (which is still delicious), but I found that the milk and sugar I added to it were not always pleasing to my body later on. The flowering tea is extremely refreshing to drink at any time of day and each bloom provides up to three steeps. I usually just fish my bloom out of the teapot with some small tongs and then place it in a little container in the fridge. I also enjoy the variety of teas in this set and just love watching the flower 'bloom.' Also, drinking this tea has given me an excuse to use some of my fancier tea cups so I can pretend I'm relaxing at Downton Abbey." —Sarah Johnston

Get it from Amazon for $24.95.

18. A pineapple machine that spits out a wonderful flurry of bubbles. Save your breath for exclaiming "BUBBLES!!!!"

pineapple shaped bubble machine

Promising review: "I love this bubble machine so much I have re-bought it three times. We’ve taken it to parties and friends’ houses and it always gets mistakenly thrown away or lost and I like it so much that I keep going back for another one. It’s super cute and it works well. Keeps the young kids entertained for a long time." —lee

Get it from Target for $8

19. An umbrella with raindrops that change colors when they come in contact with water, making the whole rainstorm thing a lot more fun.

umbrella with design of white drops on one side and rainbow drops on the side where it's raining

Promising review: "Want to look forward to rainy days? Get this umbrella! It works just like it says, and it's so fun!" —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $26.70.

20. Croki horns to channel your favorite god of mischief. If these aren't considered chaotic evil, IDK what accessory would.

loki horns that fit on the top of crocs

And pick up some Crocs here

Get them from PartonPrints on Etsy for $10+ (available in two lengths and 21 colors).

21. A color-changing mug that magically reveals a custom image when hot liquid is poured into it. You can go with something sentimental — or prank a friend with a silly meme or unflattering photo.

black mug that slowly shows an image

Get it from Shutterfly for $12.50

22. A wizard costume for a ferret. Yes, you heard me: a sparkly wizard costume with hat and cape. For a ferret.

holographic cape and wizard hat on a ferret

Get it from FerretShopKidsPets on Etsy for $28.

23. A Ponyo magnet in case you always wanted a visit from a magical fish. Just be sure to keep your fridge stocked with ham.

Apollo Box

Get it from Apollo Box for $14.50 (available in two styles).

24. A small sticker that reframes your lack of motivation to finish your thesis, learn a new language, renew your passport, slay a dragon, etc. Whatever thing you're putting off? Yeah, that's the main quest. Gotta work on the side quests (taking cute pictures of your cat, doing the dishes, looking up an ex on Instagram, etc) first.

two fantasy characters with the words i'm not procrastinating i'm doing side quests

Get it from 8BitMagnetsCo on Etsy for $3.50.

25. An automatic pan-stirrer for recipes that call for continuous stirring. Now you can pretend you enchanted your spoon and give your casting arm a rest.

The automatic stirrer placed in a frying pan

It has a built-in timer and runs on four AA batteries.

Promising review: "Honestly I laughed at myself for buying this. I stopped laughing the first time I used it! What a help! It freed me up to do other things while it stirred the sauce that needed constant attention. Bought another one! Not laughing now!" —Luvdvm

Get it from Uncommon Goods for $25

26. A softly glowing cat that'll make it feel like a cute lil' spirit is coming to snuggle with you.

glowing cat light
Apollo Box

Get it from Apollo Box for $28.36.

27. A spell list notepad so you can keep track of all the things you need for your latest enchantment. Eye of newt? Check. Deadly nightshade? Check. Cool notepad? Check!

purple notepad with small witch in the corner that says spell list

Get it from sophieheywood on Etsy for $7.23.

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