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    42 Cool Gifts To Give When You're Not Sure What To Get

    When in doubt, consult this list.

    1. A deck of animal-themed playing cards they're sure to fauna over.

    2. A pastel French press so cute, it'll have them ~beaning~.

    3. A subscription to Winc, a service that sends them four or more bottles of wine each month. Monthly boozy presents? Yes please.

    4. A cutting board sure to put them in a ~state~ of shock.

    5. A book that finally answers why dogs eat poop, plus a ton of other useless animal trivia.

    6. A shaker pendant necklace your recipient will be over the moon for.

    7. A rainbow maker they can hang in their window for a truly great-ient light show.

    8. A light-up sign board for all their best illuminating ideas.

    9. A wine necklace that's ~grape~ for any vino lover.

    10. A marble-ous dinnerware set they'll probably thank you for by inviting you over to dinner to show them off.

    11. A bar of beer soap sure to put a ~hop~ in their step after each morning shower.

    12. A bag of color changing tea that's both beverage and entertainment, so it's basically two gifts in one.

    13. A tortilla blanket, because anyone would love to be the beautiful fillings of a giant burrito.

    14. A bottle of Drinkwel supplements to help ease their hangover woes — if you know anyone with big New Year's Eve plans, they need these.

    15. The Cookie Book — a sweet tome to help them make treats so good, Santa will visit their home twice.

    16. An etched stemless glass so they can enjoy their favorite city's skyline, even if the view from their new apartment isn't quite what they were hoping for.

    17. A very official wax seal kit for the aspiring Hogwarts student in your life. Expect lots of letters written with a quill.

    18. A mini wooden bowling game sure to help them strike up a conversation at work.

    19. A Pretty Patty enamel pin blind bag that won't make your giftee's tongue glow in the dark.

    20. A pair of hedgehog mittens they'll want to ~hog~ all for themselves.

    21. A pack of Krispy Kreme jelly beans for the fried dough lover (ok, so everyone???) in your life.

    22. A set of boozy ornaments to make their tree truly ~lit~.

    23. A limited edition green tea body scrub so they can have good skin in their future.

    24. A sushi bazooka that'll blow away all the competition this gift-giving season.

    25. A straight up PLANT FERRIS WHEEL for the greenery-obsessed friend in your life.

    26. A sampler pack of tea drops — loose tea and sugar pressed into fun shapes that they can just just drop right into their mugs. Easy peasy!

    27. A DIY miniature bookstore with tiny, printed books. Read all about it! You're about to be the best gift giver in town.

    28. A kit so they can make their own gin and stop being snooty about the Seagram's you try to serve them when they come over.

    29. A vintage clothing subscription service to help your favorite indie friend get one step closer to Mac DeMarco-chic.

    30. A big thing of Jenga so the next time they need to settle something they can say, "let's take this outside...to the Jenga court."

    31. Bokksu — a monthly box of tasty artisanal snacks and teas sent straight from Japan.

    32. A candle making starter set so when they get stressed out, they can do what Jan does and smell all their candles.

    33. A set of charmingly illustrated tarot cards that'll make any reading feel positive.

    34. A portable photo printer to turn Instagrams into stickers.

    35. A festive llamacorn planter, complete with a fairy castle cactus. Do I even need to explain why this is the perfect gift?

    36. A one-year planner in a classy faux leather cover for your most professional friend, who like, wears a tie to work.

    37. A colorful multi-tool they can whip out whenever something needs to be fixed — or just when they want to show it off.

    38. A Homesick candle that smells like their favorite or birth state, which is the closest thing we have to teleportation technology at this point.

    39. Coffee and a Classic — a subscription service that delivers everything they need for a cozy night in.

    40. A "miracle bud" set with a little pot leaf that can determine their mood. Will they be buzzed, blazed or zzzzzz? Only the herb knows.

    41. A corduroy backpack in a trendy mustard color with heart-shaped buckles.

    42. Or if all else fails, a plant from Bloomscape, like this cool silver satin pothos. Who could say no to another leafy pal?

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