27 Completely Adorable Patterned Dresses To Wear This Summer

    Look at these cutie pies!

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    1. A beautiful maxi that will ~leaf~ you speechless.

    2. A gingham sundress almost too cute to be real.

    3. An avocado skater dress that ~hass~ everything going for it.

    4. A cactus skater you'll make a *point* of saving for events where there are a lot of photos being taken.

    5. A rainbow maxi for a look Roy G. Biv would totally envy.

    6. A cult favorite swing dress for people who live for sock hops, malt shops, and looking good.

    7. A geometric number with a bow and keyhole that's ~shaping~ up to be your favorite piece of clothing.

    8. A collared dress you'll be ~slow~ to ever take off because it's doggone adorable.

    9. A coral floral skaterorange you glad you found this?

    10. A spaghetti-strap midi dress so you can look as cute as a button.

    11. A fruit salad wrap dress that looks yummy yummy.

    12. A polka-dotted cutie you'll find yourself missing once it's time to throw it in the hamper.

    13. A star of a dress that's after our own heart.

    14. A sweet look to sprinkle into your summer wardrobe.

    15. A tropical option with a bowed back you should pair with some sunglasses and a strawberry daiquiri.

    16. An ultra-popular maxi dress for people who love a good dramatic photo of their dress billowing in the wind.

    17. A lemon shift dress sure to be your main ~squeeze~ this summer.

    18. A Guardians of the Galaxy dress with a space pattern that will leave you starry-eyed.

    19. A bird-centric frock that will make people ~crane~ to get a better look at how pretty it is.

    20. A paisley shirt dress you won't be able to throw in your shopping cart fast enough.

    21. A fun shift dress that will make other people say "toucan play at this game," while they hunt for their own cool bird clothing.

    22. A gingham mini dress perfect for picnic dates. And if the date goes poorly, you can lay down and blend in with the blanket until they leave.

    23. A striped beaut as affordable as it is striking.

    24. A shift dress to wear when you want to ~fish~ for compliments, because everyone will be ~eyeing~ you.

    25. A casual T-shirt dress perfect for all your summer adventures.

    26. A polka-dot skater dress with an elastic waist for people looking for a look as flexible as they are.

    27. And a collared shirt dress covered in eyes, tigers, and hands, oh my!

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