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    22 Cleaning Products Under $10 That People Actually Swear By

    Your home is going to SPARKLE.

    1. A disposable toilet cleaning wand that works so well it will feel like an actual magic wand.

    2. A helpful squeegee with a little hanger hook so it's on hand to get rid of excess water after each shower and prevent nasty stuff like mildew.

    3. A lifesaving cleaning solution to remove pet stains and odors so you can finally have guests over again.

    4. A container of wipes that make old, tarnished silver clean enough to see yourself in.

    5. This microfiber duster you can count on to get rid of all those dust bunnies camping out under your bed.

    6. These packs of garbage disposer cleaner that remove foul odors from sinks โ€” and put on a cool show too.

    7. This pack of screen cleaning tools to arm yourself with as your child touches everything in the house.

    8. These silicone scrubbers that can scrub tough stains and smell just peachy.

    9. This Goo Gone to get rid of sticky residue, like that dollar store price sticker on the gift you're trying to pass off as expensive.

    10. This set of brushes you can use to get into those hard-to-reach places like windowsills.

    11. This food-grade mineral oil that cleans and protects cutting boards, butcher blocks, and other wood kitchenware.

    12. This long bristle brush to help you clean those hard to reach areas in bottles, vases, and other uniquely shaped glassware.

    13. This Angry Mama that steams up your microwave, making it easier to wipe all the gunk out.

    14. This furniture polish and cleaner you can use to finally get your home to sparkle like the front of a home magazine.

    15. This helpful dishwashing fish that works just like a Scrub Daddy but with an aquatic shape.

    16. This oven and stovetop cleaner to finally say goodbye to all that caked-on grime.

    17. This grout cleaner that will make you realize your floor is actually five shades lighter than you thought.

    18. This odor-fighting solution you can pour in with your laundry to get heavenly, stinkless clothing no matter what you've been rolling in.

    19. This blade brush for scrubbing away all your troubles, assuming your troubles are food debris on your silverware.

    20. This lavender-scented Lysol gel that easily sticks to the side of the bowl and transports you to a flowery field every time you flush the toilet.

    21. This grandma-approved stain removing spray for bringing clothing back from the brink of the trashcan.

    22. This wood floor cleaner that will give your floors that shiny, new house look.

    What cleaning is going to feel like from now on.