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    Tasty's Walmart Kitchenware Line Is Having A Big Sale Right Now

    Perhaps filling your kitchen with sparkling new kitchenware is the key to getting you to cook more?

    Hey! Did you know that BuzzFeed's Tasty brand has a line of colorful kitchen tools at Walmart?

    Whether this is brand new info or you've been eyeing the collection for a while, I have some good news: Walmart is having a huge sale! A bunch of things are being steeply discounted, and most of the sale items are *~HALF OFF~*!!!

    1. A pair of springform pans so you can make delectable treats like cheesecakes and layer cakes.

    2. A pair of 12-cup muffin pans for making cute, handheld snacks like egg cups, cupcakes, and individual mini meatloafs.

    3. An 11-piece cookware set in wow-worthy colors so you can finally stock your kitchen with everything it needs in one go.

    4. A cookie sheet set with four emoji cutters sure to get your kids excited about baking with you. That's what kids like, right? Emojis???

    5. A garlic press and cheese grater with beautifully vibrant handles you just wanna hold.

    6. A 4-quart sauté pan with lid you'll feel like a professional chef wielding.

    7. A wok with wonderfully blue handles sure to pep you up when you get the cooking blues.

    8. A pair of tube cake pans so you can finally make Tasty's legendary stuffed monkey bread.

    Shop the whole collection here!

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