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    Just 47 Fantastic Things To Treat Yourself To On Black Friday

    You deserve something nice.

    Black Friday, the day when almost every store has deals (more than you could ever conceivably look through in an ENTIRE LIFETIME), is here.

    We waded through mountains of bargains for you and found some of the best deals in every category.

    FYI — deals can move quickly. We’ll do our best to keep this post and imagery as up-to-date as possible, but we can’t catch everything immediately. Check back throughout Black Friday (and Cyber Weekend) to see our latest updates as the deals change!

    1. A mulberry silk mask offering a gentle alternative to the usual scratchy mask materials. It also just looks classy as heck.

    three masks in black, green, and pink

    2. An Amazon Fire Stick to help facilitate your latest binge-watching event. Now you can get all your favorite streaming services together and under the control of one remote. Remember back when we all had like five remotes to control the TV? Let's put that nightmare behind us for good.

    remove with word bubble that says "alexa, open youtube"

    3. A linen bedding set because I simply insist every person deserves that kind of luxury in their life. Linen sheets are the best!

    The linen bedding set in beige

    4. A set of photo clip string lights to put up photos of all the date nights with your boo that have left you feeling starry-eyed. Or to display pictures of your favorite Instagram-worthy meals, which is probably more important.

    Bed with twinkle lights on wall above

    5. A sweatshirt for all you plant lovers out there that make a point to let everyone know you adore succulents.

    crewneck sweatshirt that says succa for plants

    6. A colorful hammock for comfy snoozes whenever and wherever there are trees or poles to support it. Set this up in the park, the woods, or even on your apartment's balcony.

    colorful nylon hammock

    7. A hardy ZZ plant that comes with a cool, bubble-like planter in case you'd like some company from a leafy friend this winter.

    zz plant in a blue planter with rounded ridges

    8. A beautiful candle from Otherland in one of their luxurious seasonal scents. It's a good thing it has a 55 hour burn time, because you'll want this lit all winter long.

    black candle with winged design

    9. A fuzzy robe that'll be like a warm hug right out of bed.

    four robes in white, grey, slate, and blue

    10. A simple, price-friendly heart charm you can add to a necklace, keychain, or zipper for an extra touch of cuteness.

    heart charms in various colors with gold colored backs

    11. Just a pair of gigantic peanut butter cups. That's all.

    hand holds big peanut butter cup

    12. A hanging macrame cat bed, because you know your kitto deserves some bold boho furniture just as much as you do (especially when you're the one lookin' at it).

    13. A portable light therapy lamp designed to give you a little slice of sunshine when these long, dark days have got you down.

    Small square screen light

    14. A subscription to Book of the Month — a service that sends you a new or best-selling hardcover book so you never have an excuse for not reading more ever again.

    blue box that says book of the month

    15. A Baggu, aka sturdy reusable grocery bag that can carry up to three plastic bags worth of stuff. I'm talking up to 50 POUNDS! And it folds up into a teeny-tiny pouch that can fit in virtually any bag, so you'll never be caught without an extra tote again.

    16. A scratch-off poster with 100 delicious dishes from all over the world. This will serve as great motivation for picky eaters!

    scratch off poster with someone scratching off the ramen square

    17. A pair of ultra-stylish Ray-Ban sunglasses that you've been probably eyeing for a while. Now is the time to go for it!

    18. A tarot card necklace that sees cute outfits in your future.

    tarot cards with necklaces with small card pendants attached

    19. A very sleek minimalist bath caddy to grace your bathroom. Despite its simple design, it still has room for a wine glass, cup, candle, and iPad.

    simple wooden bar with spaces for drinks, a hole for a small tea candle, and a slit for a phone or ipad

    20. A gel manicure kit with everything you need to create gorgeous manicures at home. Been looking for ways to save money on manicures? You just ~nailed~ it!

    21. A shipment of Magnolia Bakery's famous banana pudding. I normally hate banana pudding but WOW this stuff is amazing.

    three cups of banana pudding that say magnolia bakery on the front

    22. A pair of Apple AirPods with the charging case, so you can join everyone who's been blocking out city sounds with some immersive, high quality, music.

    23. A robot vacuum happy to do all the hard work for you. Just turn it on and watch someone else vacuum for a change.

    reviewer opens vacuum to show a ton of hair that it picked up

    24. A Dungeons and Dogs sticker that is sure to add +5 charm to your outfit.

    dogs gather around a table and play dungeons and dragons

    25. A new game for your Nintendo Switch, like Luigi's Mansion 3 or Breath of the Wild.

    26. A holiday tea chest filled to the brim with beautifully packaged tea time bliss. Hope you like Olaf, because every time you sip these teas you're gonna feel like you're getting a warm hug.

    Large box with several triangular tea bags

    27. A cute lil' ceramic stash jar for pretty much anything you'd like!

    ceramic jar with white glaze checkers and a lid with a u-shaped handle

    28. A pair of tie-dye bike shorts for those warmer, casual days. Pair with an oversized sweatshirt and you'll be taking a million mirror selfies before you know it.

    tie-dye bike shorts

    29. An anti-theft crossbody clutch for fashion-savvy folks who don't want security to look stuffy.

    30. The latest installment of Valfré's beloved yearly agenda. Keep your dates and daily tasks in order with the help of this illustrated guide that — OK, wow — comes with SIX pages of stickers!

    hardcover planner that says gal with a plan 2021 and a design of a woman in tiger underwear in front of a column with a speaker next to a monstera

    31. A zebra pattern rug with no slip backing — don't slip up and miss your chance to get this! You're gonna wanna grab one before they're gone!

    32. A glow-in-the-dark Funko Pop! doll of Jack Skellington after his failed career switch to Santa. He just looks so much better hanging out with a spooky fountain than in a red cap.

    plastic figure that looks like jack hangs out with fountain that spits out glow in the dark liquid

    33. An Always Pan, which is angling to become the only pan you ever reach for when cooking. It has an ultra slippery nonstick surface, a vented top, a mesh basket for steaming, and a high quality spoon that hooks onto the handle.

    blue pan with beechwood spoon that fits neatly on handle half under the lid

    34. A pair of vegan leather leggings that look super nice but are actually so stretchy so you stay comfortable all day long.

    Model wearing the full-length leggings

    35. A string light with tiny snow-dusted trees encased in small bottles. Do I need to keep going or are you sold on how magical these things are?

    string lights with bottled trees

    36. Gorgeous gold-flecked Penrose triangle coasters that'll make for impossibly good decor.

    three impossible triangle shapes in pink, white, and black

    37. A cool kit that lets you make slime you can legit draw on with chalk art markers. How cool is that???

    38. A glass teapot with blooming tea that offers a relaxing experience for all the senses.

    clear teapot with blooming flowers in tea

    39. A windshield cover ensuring that Dwight will protect your car from the sun and potential intruders. Now you just need a car alarm that goes "MICHAEL!!!!"

    windshield cover that shows dwight peeking out of conference room blinds

    40. A chunky paperclip bracelet in case you'd like to jump on the latest jewelry trend.

    41. A lightweight, cordless Dyson V8 Absolute vacuum cleaner that works so well, it might actually be to clean? Its digital motor spins at up to 110,000 rpm, meaning dirt and debris trembles when they hear it coming.

    42. A knitting kit with everything you need to make your very own adorable tee. Turns out you're the best fashion designer.

    43. An unreasonably cuddly throw blanket that you should only buy if you plan on hibernating underneath it until April.

    really fuzzy blanket being held up

    44. A subscription service that sends you a monthly shipment of international coffee so you can feel well-traveled, even if you never leave the couch.

    45. Ten whole pairs of underwear that'll come in handy when you're trying to stretch out trips to the laundromat.

    white briefs with dogs wearing hats and sweaters

    46. A baby foot peeling kit to give you silky soft feet without even having to steal them from an actual baby.

    a before, during, and after reviewer picture that shows the process of putting feet into plastic socks, the feet peeling a lot, and smooth feet afterwards

    47. And a Baby Yoda sweatshirt to wear now until the end of time. I mean, just LOOK at it. Now I need nuggets.

    hoodie with baby yoda that says get in loser we are getting chucky nuggies

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