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    96 Of The Best Swimsuits You Can Get Online

    We're pretty sure everyone is gonna find something they like on this massive list!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A cut-out swimsuit you'll be ~waving~ hello to this summer.

    2. A colorblock cutie with banded straps perfect for every beach activity.

    3. A semi-thong swimmie to help you get rid of those pesky tan lines.

    4. A sequin-covered swimsuit so shimmery, it might make the mermaids envious.

    5. A kitty-themed bikini you'll want to whisk(er) way with you on a tropical vacation.

    6. A plunging one-piece covered in teeny-tiny beach chairs.

    7. A cut-out halter so cute, you'll want to hit the beach before it's even warm out.

    8. A patterned emerald bikini the Wizard of Oz would definitely approve of.

    9. A cut-out one-piece that'll have everyone else ~green~ with envy.

    10. A luxurious velvet bikini you'll really take a shine to.

    11. A cute piece with a lace-lined plunging neckline — it's the perfect sexy doily look.

    12. A strappy bikini you can really see yourself getting tied up in.

    13. A backless retro one-piece to turn you into the pin-up model you know you are.

    14. A black monokini with a scalloped top you won't have to shell out for.

    15. A high-waisted bikini you'll want to go chasing waterfalls in.

    16. A ruffled swimsuit that shows of your shoulders — so use lots of sunscreen!

    17. A criss cross bikini set so gorgeous, it deserves to be glorified on a Pinterest board somewhere.

    18. A colorful swimsuit with a mesh neckline that deserves to be in a museum because it's a work of art.

    19. A monokini with a cherry pattern so sweet, you'll want to buy more than one.

    20. A geometric wonder you'll love the shape of.

    21. An adorable bikini to pair with a beach chair and coconut cocktail.

    22. A ruched halter one-piece that every avocado lover just hass to have.

    23. A crochet monokini you'll feel ~crafty~ wearing when people assume you paid way more for your suit.

    24. A miss-matched bikini with a ruffly top that will look so dramatic when the wind blows.

    25. A twisty one-piece definitely worth the splurge.

    26. A long-sleeved swimsuit for my fellow sun-fearing folk who know to keep their shoulders covered.

    27. A strappy bikini top and bottom capable of reuniting the entire cast of High School Musical. This swimwear will prompt 'em to sing, "WHAT TIME IS IT?"

    28. A one-piece with a criss-cross plunge neckline worth planning a vacation around.

    29. A flamingo-covered swimsuit to get a ~leg up~ on the competition for the swimsuit contest you're suddenly prepared to enter.

    30. A vintage-style chevron one-piece with a bustier, because of corset would look good on you!

    31. A gorgeous two-piece with hanging tassels you'll have so much fun spinning in.

    32. A simple piece with a laced-up neckline that doubles as a bodysuit you can wear with a skirt or pants.

    33. An underwire bandeau bikini featuring gorgeous pastel hues that'll have you lookin' like a snack. And by snack, I mean cotton candy.

    34. A pinstriped one-piece for fans of the Yankees, Beetlejuice, and other striped fashion icons.

    35. A high-waisted, retro number that will help you achieve that "pin-up model tattooed on a sailor's arm" look.

    36. A swimsuit to wear when you solemnly swear you're up to no good.

    37. A lace-up reversible swimsuit so you can be beach-ready the second the weather says it is.

    38. An embroidered monokini that is allegedly the inspiration behind the song "Take My Breath Away." Just a rumor, though!

    39. A colorful one-piece emblazoned with your favorite vacation vibes.