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    37 Personalized Gifts To Prove How Well You Know Them

    I mean, a lot of these gifts have their literal *name* on them.

    1. A family necklace you can personalize with up to five sloths, one for each important person (or interest) in their life.

    2. Custom stickers resembling anyone you want, whether it's your recipient, their pet, or their favorite celebrity.

    3. A custom brooch of their favorite pet to prove that you got them pinned.

    4. A candle celebrating where you two first met. This gift smells like success!

    5. A book full of prompts about why you love your mom/dad/grandparent/teacher/etc. Just fill it in before giving it to them and watch for that almost guaranteed smile.

    6. A special necklace sporting pretty much any book cover you can think of, including your recipient's favorite obscure tome on French existentialism.

    7. A fancy phone case showing off some fancy engraved initials and a place for credit cards, for the person who likes to travel light.

    8. A reusable Starbucks cup with a custom message and ring color, for the friend who's always making a coffee run.

    9. A pair of earrings to show how much you care — and that you know exactly what kind of jewelry they like.

    10. Custom stone coasters donning art from their favorite band. Good luck ~beatling~ this gift next year.

    11. A bracelet inscribed with anything you want, whether it's coordinates or an inside joke.

    12. A hand painted portrait for people who are always saying things are better the old fashioned way.

    13. A BoxFox — a custom gift box you can fill with a variety of different goodies you think they'll enjoy.

    14. A little needle-felted model of their pet. They can hold their whole world (Fido) in their hands.

    15. A journal with their name, for the friend who is always saying "wow, I should write that down."

    16. A pint glass featuring an illustration of your friend and their favorite hobby. Suffering through all those rants about why the book was better than the movie will finally pay off — in the form of the perfect gift.

    17. A state mug for long distance couples who will be comforted by the idea that somewhere over state lines, they're drinking coffee from the same mugs.

    18. A tote bag with an illustration of their pet, so they can load it up with plenty of toys and treats for their (other) BFF.

    19. A pair of initial cufflinks for people who mean business when it comes to work attire.

    20. An amp doormat so everyone can take ~note~ of it when they come to visit your recipient.

    21. A necklace in the shape of a child's drawing, so they can show off what a great artist their favorite mini Picasso is.

    22. A jigsaw puzzle of the front page of The New York Times on a date that's meaningful for the both of you.

    23. A calendar keychain proving once and for all that yes, you DO know your anniversary, thank you very much.

    24. An adorable dog tag for your pet-loving friend who likes their furry friend to accessorize as well as they do.

    25. A pair of earrings filled with sand from their favorite beach. You can easily ~sea~ how this gift would be a winner.

    26. A pair of dog socks so everyone knows they have a cute pet (and a super thoughtful friend).

    27. A fingerprint necklace that's truly one of a kind.

    28. A letter or name cut-out for people who always wanted to see their name in lights, but will settle for wood.

    29. A bracelet featuring a capsule filled with a secret scroll inside. These are based off vintage poison rings, but hopefully your gift's message will be less venomous.

    30. A dainty necklace featuring a picture of a dog, plus their dog's name. This is a great gift for anyone with a fairly common dog breed.

    31. A custom speaker or pair of headphones from JBL featuring any image you'd like them to admire while dancing away.

    32. A jumbo initial necklace with their full name written out on one side. You know, just in case they forget what it stands for.

    33. A pennant flag sporting whatever name, location, phrase, or word you want. YES, a fart flag is an option.

    34. A plush toy that looks just like them! Copying is the highest form of flatter, after all.

    35. A hand-painted planter shaped like the beautiful face of your beloved pet.

    36. A glass bourbon flask for your fanciest booze fan.

    37. And a custom sweater featuring their favorite person in the world, you– oops no, sorry, their pet. I'm sure you're second, though.

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