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    The Best Everyday Sneakers That Keep It Casual

    Is there anything better than a fresh pair of kicks?

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    We enlisted the help of stylish sneakerheads and regular comfort-seekers to help us figure out what casual everyday sneakers are the most comfortable to wear, versatile to style, and durable in the long term.

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    For fairness and ease of comparison, we tested only solid-color lace-ups with men’s and women’s sizes. (Stay tuned for our best slip-on sneaker review!)

    Editor's Note: We're currently updating these picks! Check back soon for more.

    Allbirds Wool Runners


    Allbirds claims to be the most comfortable shoe in the world. While we’re always skeptical of such bold marketing statements, after actually wearing them, we have to agree. The second our testers tried these on, they noticed a unique plushness that cradles the foot like the precious baby it is.

    Some said it felt like walking on clouds (which we’re pretty sure they’ve never done) or wearing slippers (which we should all be doing more). You can count on these shoes to keep your feet happy, no matter how long you’re on them.


    These are everyday sneakers, so they’re not for hiking, workouts, or intense running. They’re ideal for people who spend a lot of time on their feet or enjoy long walks on even terrain (like city sidewalks). They offer more arch support than your typical casual sneaker (e.g., Converse or Vans) and won’t give you those dreaded breaking-in blisters. Wool Runners are meant to be worn while strolling around the park, standing at work, or walk-running to your next appointment. They’re about to be your go-to shoe — and they match everything.

    Wool Runners are made with lush merino wool that’s soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking. Unlike a wool sweater, you can wear these in the summer without overheating or getting itchy. You don’t even need to wear socks if you don’t want to! For those who hate socks but have stinky feet, don’t worry: Allbirds are machine-washable. Just remove the laces, pop them in the washing machine and wash on cold, air-dry, and you’re back in business.


    Comfort aside, Allbirds says its manufacturing process is environmentally conscious. One plastic bottle goes into the production of each pair of shoelaces. There's castor oil in the insoles, and the shoeboxes are made with 90% recycled cardboard. Even the wool is ethically sourced: Allbirds works with organizations like ZQ to ensure its wool comes from happy sheep and says its process uses 60% less energy than typical synthetic sneaker manufacturing.

    Allbirds Wool Runners come in natural, neutral colors like olive, gray, and white; more vibrant colors, like lavender; and limited-edition colors, like teal. The monochrome style avoids  visible logos and bright flourishes, making it a subtle choice that works for casual events. That said, these are not exactly “fashion” sneakers. Most testers said they wouldn’t wear them with a dress, but they do look great with a pair of jeans. They’re a sleek but casual option meant for everyday use.


    Wool Runners don’t run in half-sizes, but have no fear: This handy guide will help you find your correct size, and the flexible wool stretches and tightens for a great fit. None of our testers had trouble ordering the right size on the first try — but if you do, Allbirds offers a 30-day trial and simple returns.

    Allbirds are a great choice for environmentally conscious people looking for a simple and elegant sneaker that doesn’t make a loud statement. If you’re sick of getting blisters every time you wear a new pair of sneakers, consider Wool Runners to be the answer to your feet’s prayers.

    Get them from Allbirds for $95 for men's and women's sizes.

    Greats Royale Sneaker


    You don't get away with naming your shoe company Greats and not make a truly amazing sneaker. The quality is obvious the second you open the box. While it's worth noting that their packaging is not as fancy as competitors like KOIO or M. Gemi, Greats lets the shoe do the talking. They know that you'll be wearing these so often, you won't even need the shoebox!

    Greats offers a classic, vintage-inspired silhouette with a rounded toe that appeals to pretty much anyone. They're simple and versatile, making them easy to wear with almost any outfit — dresses included! While they may not be the most cutting-edge, fashion-forward, hype-of-the-moment footwear choice out there, Greats are designed to last, in terms of quality and timeless style. In our book, that’s worth a pretty penny.


    While Greats aren’t instantly comfortable, the breaking-in period is considerably easier on the feet than other leather shoes in the same price point. The backs are cushioned and delightfully squishy, keeping the wearer's heels and tendons relatively blister-free. Since they’re leather, they only feel better the longer you wear them. Talk about a solid investment.

    Testers found these shoes extremely durable; they can handle even longer walks on a variety of surfaces. They’re easy to keep clean — a simple swipe with a wet cloth will do. While it’s not advised, you can get caught in the rain in these and not worry about them melting off your feet (one tester did just that in a light rain and didn’t notice any significant damage). Remarkably, Greats can be worn without socks; the perforated Royales, especially, are perfectly breathable, keeping your feet cool and sweat-free.


    Greats' original line of Royale Classics comes in a variety of colors, like white, black, gray, and pink. It also offers limited-edition colors — like teal, yellow, and white with a metallic gold sole — for the more sartorially adventurous. The original line runs a half-size small for women’s styles and a half-size large for men’s, but this is helpfully labeled on the website (though why they wouldn’t just change the sizing is beyond us). If you’re searching for a high-end pair of sneakers made with quality materials and a timeless silhouette, Greats are the best value out there. You’ll fall more deeply in love with these classic shoes with each wear.

    Get it from Greats for $179 in men's and women's sizes.