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    26 Beauty Products That Smell As Good As They Make You Look

    A party for your nose.

    1. An adorable seal friend who will make your hands soft and smell like fresh herbs and olives.

    2. A purifying shampoo that cleans your scalp while smelling like burdock and neem.

    3. A sweet smelling strawberry face mask made with black sugar enriched with minerals like calcium, iron, and potassium.

    4. A cleansing gel with a light scent of herbal goodness.

    5. A tropical misting spray that will bring the beach to your hair.

    6. A luxurious lotion that smells like lemon and sage.

    7. A dry shampoo that will make your hair smell like wild fig, lotus flower, cedarwood, and tonka beans.

    8. A full strength peel made with green apple, grape, lemon, and aloe.

    9. A fruity scented lotion that's disguised as a peach.

    10. A soothing, free-trade bubble bath with calming chamomile, yarrow root, and coconut.

    11. A silky moisturizer that pretty much has the whole ocean condensed in each jar.

    12. A whole kit of delicious mango-smelling products to make you feel and smell good.

    13. A gorgeous moisture serum for a rosy (smelling) complexion.

    14. A non-greasy sunscreen that'll make you smell like a tropical getaway.

    15. A facial spray to refresh during the day with the fresh scent of herbs and rosewater.

    16. A two-pack of light shampoo that smells like grapefruit and mosa mint.

    17. A leave-in hair mist with a very nostalgic smell.

    18. A luxurious cleanser that smells like fresh cucumber.

    19. A shampoo with Argan oil to make your hair silky smooth.

    20. A peach lip balm that's as good as a Clinique chubby stick but for half the price.

    21. A bottle of body oil that smells like fresh flowers.

    22. A perfectly sugary lip scrub for lips as soothe as crème brûlée.

    23. A fragrant shower jelly that will make your whole bathroom smell like citrusy goodness.

    24. A collection of six fruity nail polish remover pads that amazingly doesn't smell like gasoline.

    25. A creamy foaming cleanser that smells like bananas and honey.

    26. A reinvigorating shampoo that leaves your hair minty fresh.

    Get these products and your bathroom will smell better than a Bed, Bath, and Beyond.