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    26 Beautiful Tops That Will Make Your Wardrobe More Exciting

    Mix up your look from top to b– ok just the top.

    1. A sheer mock turtleneck that'll leave you starry eyed.

    2. A batwing sweater you'll go downright batty for.

    3. A retro tie top pretty much made to be worn with jeans and clogs.

    4. A chevron sweater you'll make a *point* of wearing all the dang time.

    5. A pretty floral button-down that'll match with pretty much everything.

    6. A scalloped short-sleeve tee with a built-in choker for people who don't have time to accessorize.

    7. A colorblock sweater perfect for making a statement while still keeping it casual.

    8. A crop tee with a built-in collar to bring the glam.

    9. A buttery smooth velvet tank you can trick people into thinking cost a lot more than it did.

    10. A twisted peplum top great for work, date night, or just looking fab while hanging at home.

    11. A tied waffle long-sleeve shirt sure to be the thing your lazy Sundays were missing.

    12. A belt tie peplum top perfect for twirling in.

    13. A layered top that's a little more exciting than your usual plain white tee.

    14. A sleeveless shirt with a tie front you'll be plaid to have.

    15. A ruffly peplum top sure to drop jaws everywhere you go.

    16. A flowy top pretty much made to be worn with leggings.

    17. A faux layered sweatshirt with a scalloped hem you won't be able to clam up about.

    18. A sheer leopard button-down for a look that's spot on.

    19. A retro striped top for nostalgic dressers.

    20. A wide-sleeved blouse with a front tie you're sure to get wrapped up in.

    21. A mock turtleneck with some truly angelic imagery.

    22. A chiffon blouse with macrame sleeves you'll feel really crafty about when people assume you paid way more for it.

    23. A striped, boatneck tee for people with unparalleled taste.

    24. A beaded chiffon blouse that will have you asking every person you see to take your picture.

    25. A cold shoulder shirt you should have bought like, yesterday.

    26. A cosy henley top because all clothing should be so comfortable and fashionable.

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