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    29 Swimsuits That'll Actually Stay On When You Go Swimming

    Say "ta-ta" to the risk of accidentally showing your ta-tas.

    1. A swimdress...because you want frills, not spills.

    2. A monstera-covered swimsuit for people who don't want to ~leaf~ anything up to chance.

    3. A halter one-piece you can totally go chasing waterfalls in.

    4. A simple, ruched swimsuit everyone will be ruching to admire.

    5. A halter bikini that not only stays put, but also has tiny lil' pockets!

    6. A tankini you can count on to keep everything in its place.

    7. A long-sleeve number that keeps you looking cute while protecting your delicate shoulders and back.

    8. A scoop bikini specifically made to be active in. That means you can go from beach lounging to an intense game of frisbee without a second thought.

    9. A colorful tankini that won't ~ruffle~ any feathers loose.

    10. A fun one-piece with a textured, rainbow trim.

    11. A tropical boyshort bikini for people who prefer to keep their coconuts hidden.

    12. A ribbed one-piece with removable cups, underbust elastic, UPF 50+, and compression lining, making it your most supportive friend this summer.

    13. A ruffle-topped swimsuit that will keep you covered, no ifs, ands, or butts.

    14. A vibrant bathing suit with a zipper so you can change how revealing your suit is — whether you're on land or in the water.

    15. A floral one-piece for showing off your stems and not your buds.

    16. A high-waisted bikini with timeless style and endless coverage.

    17. A one-shouldered number that'll work swimmingly, no matter what your summer plans entail.

    18. A padded black bikini that's basically the LBD of swimsuits.

    19. A wrap bathing suit that will keep everything tied down.

    20. A retro, high-waisted bikini you'll wish you could turn the clock back and have before your last flashing accident.

    21. A structured bikini featuring a high waist to face those high seas.

    22. A retro tie-back that's only as revealing as you'd like it be thanks to its tie-neck.

    23. A ribbed bikini for playing games like volleyball, NOT peek-a-boo.

    24. A patterned one-piece with a little keyhole cut-out that will be the key to a successful beach trip.

    25. A square neck swimsuit worth jumping (into a pool) for joy over.

    26. A two-piece with a stunning criss-cross design so you can cross "bathing suit anxiety" off your list of summer worries.

    27. A swimsuit with boyshorts and a matching cover-up, so you can show as much or as little as you'd like.

    28. A fiery Speedo one-piece you'll never have to readjust, no matter how hard you go in the water.

    29. A tank and short swimsuit combo so you can ride any wave and dive for any volleyball spike.

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