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    41 Tops You’ll Probably Be Glad You Bought Every Time You Wear Them

    Put all of these pieces on the very *top* of your list.

    1. A pullover sweater with a different type of leopard print.

    2. A classic turtleneck because hey, every wardrobe needs one. Think of it has a sweater that gives your neck a gentle hug all day.

    model wears white sweater with wide sleeves

    3. A buttery smooth velvet tank you can trick people into thinking cost a lot more than it did.

    reviewer wears velvet tank top

    4. A best-selling tee from J. Crew Factory that reviewers love for its superior comfort. Everyone needs at least *checks notes* 100 basics tees.

    model wears crewneck tee with folded short sleeves

    5. An antisocial tee that will help you avoid unnecessary chats about the weather.

    reviewer wears tee that says it's a beautiful day to leave me alone

    6. A plunging wrap blouse sure to give everyone heart eyes.

    a plunging long sleeve sheer top with flare sleeves and a tie waist

    7. A patterned blouse sporting lantern sleeves to light up your life.

    8. A buttoned top that'll make you look cute as a button.

    9. A snuggly pullover sweater you can slip deeper into when you wanna catch some ZZZs during a Monday Zoom meeting undetected.

    10. A leopard print long-sleeve you should pounce on before it's too late.

    reviewer wears sweatshirt with leopard print

    11. A lacy off-the-shoulder look you'll want in every single color.

    12. An elegant twill top sure to make everyone green with envy.

    model wears green top with pop collar and v neck

    13. A chunky striped sweater that's already asked me to tell you it wants to go on a coffee date with you.

    model wears chunky sweater with green and white

    14. A grid pullover you'll look anything but square in.

    reviewer wears loose fitting cream sweatshirt with black grid pattern

    15. A multi-way top for fickle dressers who like to mix it up.

    16. A waffle knit shirt you do knot wanna miss out on.

    17. A polka dot wool coat to round out your chilly weather outfit.

    white coat with grey polka dots

    18. A layered top that's a little more exciting than your usual plain white tee.

    reviewer wears white tee with ruffled blue bottom

    19. A crop tee with a built-in collar to bring the glam.

    20. A hooded henley top that's pretty much just a super chic sweatshirt.

    model wears heather grey hoodie

    21. A mesh top to breathe new life into old garments with the power of layering.

    22. A cropped sherpa pullover that's both snuggly and sexy. Who knew you could have both?

    23. A faux-layered top for people who simply cannot be bothered with real shirts bunching up under sweaters.

    reviewer wears orange-ish sweater with black polka dot collar and cuffs built in

    24. A mock turtleneck with a nice floral pattern that you can easily wear out of the office and right to the park.

    reviewer wears high neck floral blouse

    25. A quarter-sleeve top with a strappy neckline pretty much made for expert layering.

    model wears shirt with criss-crossy neckline

    26. A raglan shirt that's sure to be a home run.

    27. A sheer leopard button-down for a look that's spot on.

    reviewer wears leopard button down that is somewhat sheer

    28. A sinfully adorable cropped hoodie to add some devilish charm to your loungewear.

    cropped hoodie with devil winking inside a heart design

    29. A henley tee that thankfully works all year round, because you'll never want to put it in storage.

    reviewer wears short sleeve henley top

    30. A scalloped short-sleeve tee with a built-in choker for people who don't have time to accessorize.

    reviewer wears short sleeve top with scallop neckline and built in choker

    31. A chiffon blouse with bubble sleeves that'll have you dramatically gesturing so everyone can get a good look.

    32. A work-ready blouse so nice, it's sure to land you that promotion you've been waiting for.

    33. A lace-lined top you can wear with leggings or pants — either way, you're gonna look adorable.

    reviewers wear the long sleeve top with lace bottom

    34. A tunic that comes in a ton of cute patterns for all your lovers of animals and coziness.

    35. A pullover sherpa to keep you warm and — more importantly — fuzzy.

    navy sherpa fleece with white line embellishments

    36. A sleeveless shirt with a tie front you'll be plaid to have.

    37. A knotted long-sleeve that may never make it into your dresser because you'll be wearing it every day.

    reviewer wears heather pink long sleeve with tucked knotted front

    38. A faux turtleneck featuring the classic frill trim of the '90s. If it was good enough to wear in first grade, it's good enough to wear again now.

    model wears long sleeve shirt with frill collar and sleeve ends

    39. A ruffly peplum top sure to drop jaws everywhere you go.

    reviewer wears short sleeve peplum top

    40. A silky button-up shirt that's loose and comfortable, but will still look polished and profresh on a Zoom call.

    black long blouse

    41. A cozy henley top because all clothing should be so comfortable and fashionable.

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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