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    27 Affordable Dresses You Can Wear All Year Long

    You never have to put these beauties in storage.

    1. A maxi dress ready to be worn with sandals or boots, depending on the weather.

    2. A classic A-line dress that's absolutely timeless (and season-less).

    3. A polka-dotted sweetie to really round out your wardrobe.

    4. A belted midi wrap dress for looking cute as a button.

    5. A ruffly polka dot number you'll put into heavy rotation this spring and then keep it there for every other season.

    6. A wrap chiffon stunner capable of transitioning from season to season with far more grace than the rest of us. I'll never stop complaining about changing weather but this dress handles it like it a champ.

    7. A tank shift dress so simple, it can be worn to any occasion and during any season.

    8. A shirt dress that feels prep school chic, even during summer vacation.

    9. A profesh-as-heck pencil dress you can wear any time, because you're always a boss.

    10. A long-sleeved midi dress that miiiiiight look good on everyone. You should probably get one for everyone you know just to make sure.

    11. A neon shirt dress to ensure you're always the brightest thing in the room.

    12. A patterned swing dress that can handle the swings in temperature on an unpredictable spring day.

    13. A sloth dress you'll be slow to put into storage (luckily you don't have to).

    14. An overall dress you can wear with short sleeves or a sweater underneath, depending on what your weather app says.

    15. Or a denim option if you're more into a traditional overall look.

    16. A patterned collared dress that looks just as good with flip-flops as it does with boots and an oversized cardigan.

    17. A midi dress sporting some pockets so spring you can leave a surprise five-dollar-bill for future autumn you.

    18. A dramatic frock with an oversized neck bow for looking like a headmaster... even on summer vacation.

    19. A skater dress dotted in faux pearls that's ~pearl~fect for any season.

    20. A scallop LBD that's simple enough for all occasions but different enough to feel special.

    21. A shift dress with cut-out sleeves you'll never give the cold shoulder to.

    22. A geometric shift dress that can easily be worn from the office to the bar — and honestly then to bed because it looks really comfy.

    23. A tie pencil dress with lantern sleeves ready to light up your life.

    24. A wrap tie dress pretty much made to be worn with over-the-knee boots.

    25. A patterned wrap dress that's sure to win you the best dressed award at work. Your office has that, right?

    26. A hoodie that combines the sweatshirt material of fall with the short sleeve feature of spring to create the perfect timeless dress.

    27. A simple smock with the uncanny ability to look good with sandals, sneakers, AND boots.

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