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    32 Cute Valentine's Day Gifts That'll Make Them Say "Aww!" For At Least 2 Full Minutes

    It's not a good gift unless your recipient is squealing with delight.

    1. A rainbow night-light that will chase away the darkness with its glowing smile.

    2. A recipe book about baking up some super cute treats. This is possibly more of a gift for you than for them.

    3. A pair of matching Wall-E mugs that form a heart when you bring them together.

    4. A pair of mittens they'll want to (hedge)hog all for themselves.

    5. A glittery pop-up book that's basically exploding with hearts and love.

    6. A pair of heart tights almost too darling to wear.

    7. A unicorn plush who will repeat back anything they say to it, like a magical parrot.

    8. A greeting card with another, tinier card on the front for double the amount of sappy messages.

    9. Snipperclips — a multiplayer game for Nintendo Switch you can enjoy together.

    10. A pair of delicious-looking slippers you do-nut wanna miss.

    11. A heart-shaped towel they can use at the beach or as a piece of wall decor.

    12. A no-nonsense book that, despite being very unsentimental, is still super charming.

    13. A unicorn tea infuser for adding a touch of magic to every cuppa.

    14. A pair of bear-y cute slippers that will clean the floor as they shuffle around, so you never have to fight over whose turn it is to sweep.

    15. A heart-shaped pan for making heart-shaped eggs. Now you can be romantic without shelling out big bucks for brunch.

    16. A whale shark speaker that can fit in the palm of their hand and play your song.

    17. A shrimpy little plush toy for people who really heart sushi.

    18. A fuzzy animal robe that they're definitely going to fauna over.

    19. A bouquet of flower pens worth writing home about.

    20. A personalized pair of boxers that are just too sweet.

    21. A little planter with legs, so they can further anthropomorphize their plant friends.

    22. A bouquet of corgis or kittens for animal lovers who have allergies to real flowers.

    23. A cat keychain to confirm what you already suspected — they love cats just a liiittle bit more than you.

    24. A set of squishy animals no one will be able to resist poking.

    25. A pin cushion ring for your avid cross-stitcher.

    26. A Dale Tsum Tsum zippered pouch they'll go nuts for.

    27. A popsicle necklace for a different kind of ice to give them this holiday.

    28. A keychain with an actual living cactus in it for an accessory that doesn't suck-ulent.

    29. Quirky Crate — a subscription box that sends them all sorts of fun goodies.

    30. A candy heart–shaped butt plug, because even sex toys can be adorable.

    31. A striped sweater ideal for people who wear their hearts on their sleeves.

    32. And of course, a Baby Groot figure, because no cute list is complete without him.

    All together now: Awwwwwwwwwwwwww.

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