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    36 Amazing Accessories Your Boring-Ass Wardrobe Needs

    Make that outfit POP!

    1. A leafy chain necklace to give your wardrobe new life.

    2. A pair of lion door knocker earrings for when you want to steal style inspiration from fancy old mansions.

    3. A detachable collar you can wear with any of your crewneck sweaters to look like a layering expert without the bulky sleeves.

    4. Or a cat-themed fake collar for looking purrfectly put together.

    5. A simple baseball hat with a heart hand symbol embroidered on the front, for an outfit people will just love.

    6. An elastic belt that will hug your dress or sweater and ~leaf~ you looking amazing.

    7. A pack of velvet scrunchies for incorporating nostalgic '80s style, but in a super classy way.

    8. A cute pair of flats that can have cats, dogs, or both!

    9. A collection of dinosaur earrings for bringing (super) old-school charm to your outfit.

    10. A pair of collar pins you really have to give a hand to.

    11. An elaborate bird necklace that people are going to flock to so they can get a better look.

    12. An out-of-this-world necklace dotted with planets for making your head the center of the universe.

    13. A collection of fake septum piercings for looking like a badass when you're secretly a delicate flower.

    14. A rhinestone-covered shoulder chain to take your plain tops to the next level.

    15. A pair of knee-high animal socks that have so much more personality than regular socks.

    16. A pair of folded metal earrings you should be careful wearing because someone might put you into a modern art museum.

    17. A cozy, tartan scarf perfect for completing your seasonal look.

    18. A Sailor Moon-inspired crossbody purse that has Luna's ears and moon emblem for style that's truly space-cial.

    19. A collection of adorable little buttons shaped like hearts, flowers, and more so you can trade out your plain, boring buttons.

    20. A bespectacled cat watch for always knowing what time it is because you won't be able to stop looking at it.

    21. A collection of hair clips that will make your hair the center of attention.

    22. A pair of pom-poms earrings that will make you look peachy keen.

    23. A pair of Warfarer glasses with clear lenses because even people with 20/20 vision want to accessorize with cool frames.

    24. A faux fur shawl for an affordable and cruelty-free way to pretend you're a wealthy heiress.

    25. A couple of pairs of lotus earring jackets to keep your earlobes looking stylish.

    26. A kitsch pair of Mary Janes that will have everyone abuzz with compliments.

    27. An embroidered neck-tie for a biker-babe look that works even if you don't own a motorcycle.

    28. A retro boombox phone case that turns your ringtone into a summer jam.

    29. A pair of boot cuffs for the look of snuggly socks even when real ones won't fit in your shoes.

    30. A pair of dangly, two-toned earrings that will make you look like someone really important in the art world.

    31. A wool, wide-brimmed hat pretty much made to be photographed for Instagram.

    32. An elegant but fun snake ring that's adjustable so almost anyone can wear it.

    33. A pair of iridescent flats for putting your best foot forward.

    34. An enamel pin featuring a sparkly astro-corgi that's going to make your popularity sky rocket.

    35. A chainmail bralette for adding a little knightly glitz under your outfit.

    36. A pair of constellation boots that will lead to a lot of people stargazing at your feet.

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