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    Just 21 Amazing 500-Piece Puzzles You May Want To Try

    500 pieces is the perfect amount, IMO.

    1. An adorable collection of pet portraits you'll feel extremely motivated to put together...just so you can see their sweet faces.

    2. A colorful and delicious-looking puzzle featuring a big ol' bowl of ramen. Beware: You'll definitely get hungry while working on this.

    3. A Labyrinth option for lovers of Jim Henson, Bowie, and all things camp (so, everyone).

    4. A gin lover's jigsaw covered in various delicious cocktails. You can celebrate with a gimlet once you complete it.

    5. A group of slowpoke animals that won't mind if you take your time putting them together.

    6. A coffee lover's jigsaw covered in all sorts of java variations. I'm getting wired just looking at this thing.

    7. A tarot card puzzle that sees big fun in your future.

    8. A Little Scientist puzzle to encourage your little ones to dream big.

    9. An Areaware puzzle that'll be great-ient fun for people looking for a challenge.

    10. A unicorn circle design sporting vibrant colors and plenty of background fauna. It'll be fun to discover new little animals with each piece connected.

    11. A women in science design that celebrates pioneers in STEM who worked to make the world a better place.

    12. A Dusen Dusen puzzle for the design fans. Might be worth framing this one after you complete it.

    13. A jigsaw inspired by the sky for puzzle lovers with their heads in the clouds.

    14. A tough-looking puzzle covered in Keith Haring doodles.

    15. A Friends jigsaw that'll be like the one where you and your roommates had a super fun time. Oh, that one piece doesn't fit? Pivot!

    16. A custom puzzle that can look like any front page from the New York Times. The options go all the way back to 1851!

    17. A colorful one covered in fun flair sure to get your tween excited to tackle an analog project.

    18. A Baby Yoda puzzle — I wouldn't blame you if you completed this sweet lil' baby's face and then lost interest in the rest.

    19. A Votes for Women circle design dedicated to some of the suffragettes who fought for the right to vote.

    20. A pattern-heavy puzzle featuring a peaceful scene of a plant lover lounging.

    21. And one showing a collection of super adorable stamps that I wish were real. I would definitely get back into the art of letter-writing if I could grace each envelope with a cute toucan stamp.

    Have fun putting all your new puzzles together!

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