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    Posted on Nov 25, 2017

    38 Incredible Ornaments That Will Make Santa Cry Tears Of Joy

    Your tree is going to look *so* good.


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    1. A set of fancy French macarons you'll wish you could pluck off the tree and eat.

    That's glitter, not sugar so don't you even think about tasting these.

    Get a set of three from Urban Outfitters for $16.

    2. A festive Bigfoot who believes in Santa, because it knows what it feels like to have its existence denied. :(

    Promising review: "My sister's nickname, since we were kids, is Sasquatch. So when I saw this I thought...'muhaha, this is perfect.' And it is. It's friggin' adorable and the quality is good too. It's got some weight to it! I can't wait for her to open this on Christmas!" —Susan Shoaf

    Get it from Amazon for $13.52.

    3. A record player probably playing a Christmas jam like "Little Saint Nick."

    Get it from Modcloth for $12.99.

    4. A totally radical ostrich doing kickflips around your tree.

    Get it from West Elm for $9.

    5. A set of famous modern artists for making your tree feel like an art gallery opening.

    The pack includes Salvador Dalí, Frida Kahlo, Andy Warhol, and Vincent van Gogh.

    Get them from MoMA Design Store for $36.

    6. A charming terrarium holding a teeny-tiny cactus that's even more low maintenance than a real succulent.

    Get it from West Elm for $7.

    7. A mini disco ball worth partying over.

    You'll be rockin' around the Christmas tree.

    Get it from CB2 for $1.37 or a set of four from Jet for $16.49.

    8. A little mushroom clip to make your tree a lot more fun-gi.

    Get it from Urban Outfitters for $8.

    9. A chibi Harry Potter figure that will make the holidays magical.

    Get it from Amazon for $7.99 (available in five characters) or a set of three from Hot Topic for $18.67.

    10. A squirrel in underwear because you don't need indecent animals offending family members this holiday.

    Promising review: "I got this as an early Christmas present for my husband (who collects squirrels). He adores it! :D" —Amy Rostollan

    Get it from Amazon for $13.80 or Walmart for $13.50.

    11. A simple felted Santa almost too charming to put away after the holidays.

    Get it from BossysFeltworks on Etsy for $22.

    12. A traditional pickle ornament for a dill-ightful display.

    Promising review: "After looking in stores for a pickle, my wife and I couldn't find a good one so we were really in a pickle! Then we found this one. It's great quality and arrived safely in a very nice Christmas box! Definitely worth the money!" —Daniel Ashwood

    Get it from Amazon for $6.40.

    13. A popcorn cart to enjoy before getting real popcorn at the theater later that night.

    Promising review: "I love having ornaments hanging from my Christmas tree that represent my family's lives — this one represents me. I love popcorn and going to the movies. It arrived safely and well-wrapped." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $15.02.

    14. A luscious houseplant that looks a lot healthier than your real plants, no offense.

    Get it from Anthropologie for $10 (available in two styles).

    15. A jolly mer-Santa bringing toys to all the good little girls and boys of Atlantis.

    Get it from Paper Source for $7.95.

    16. A pack of glass cacti for holiday decor that's on point.

    Get a set of four from Modcloth for $29.99.

    17. A tiny passport — that reminds us, does Santa need a passport?

    Get it from World Market for $7.99.

    18. A little fox based on the Instagram star, Juniper.

    For every Juniper Foxx ornament you buy, West Elm gives a $1 to the ASPCA. What a pawsitive thing to do this holiday season!

    Get it from West Elm for $8.

    19. A festive dinosaur that promises not to eat the rest of your ornaments, because the Elf on the Shelf is watching out for naughty behavior.

    Get it from Amazon for $14.54 or Jet for $20.89.

    20. A metal dog driving a tree home. What a well-trained pup!

    Get a set of three from World Market for $17.97.

    21. A gold piece of peppermint with a striped string that's the most elegant candy to ever grace a tree.

    You know how TV prospectors bite gold coins to see if they're real? Your family members are going to be doing that to your poor ornament.

    Get it from Anthropologie for $8.

    22. An old-school camera you'll want to put up in a snap.

    You're going to have a very flashy tree.

    Get it from Modcloth for $12.99.

    23. A splurge-worthy peacock clip with real feathers for finally having the best tree on the block — eat your heart out, Susan!

    Get it from Anthropologie for $40.

    24. A Santaur that will make your holiday guests go "hmm...ok."

    Promising review: "This is a fun gag ornament, and worth every penny. I bought this ornament for a friend who loves all things mythological. He loved it and it now holds a prominent place on the tree. His other family members are jealous and want to know where we found it. This is a definite win." —Ekgeis

    Get it from Amazon for $14.34 or Walmart for $13.95.

    25. A little glass bird perched in a tinsel wreath ready to serenade you while you open presents.

    Get it from Anthropologie for $18.

    26. A wicked Krampus figure that will make all the other ornaments a little nervous.

    Promising review: "What can I say... It's KRAMPUS! The ornament quality itself is beautiful: The paint is well-done and very detailed, from Krampus's whipping broom, right down to the unfortunate naughty children stuffed in his sack! A great addition to any ornament collection, and perfect for any lover of all things Krampus!" —flowroscotland

    Get it from Amazon for $13.55 or Walmart for $11.94.

    27. A helpful turtle carrying gifts for all the nice sea creatures on its back.

    Get it from Amazon for $11.49 or Asos for $13.

    28. A glass ornament that will make your tree say "hurry up with my damn croissant!"

    Get it from Anthropologie for $18.

    29. A legendary caticorn holding a banner that says "shit doesn't always make sense." Amen, weird horned cat, amen.

    Get it from Paper Source for $19.95.

    30. An iron throne you can only put up after you unite the seven kingdoms of Westeros.

    Maybe there's a dragon ornament that can help you?

    Get it from Amazon for $10.99.

    31. An acrylic bauble filled with tiny worry dolls so you can keep all your troubles contained.

    Get it from Paper Source for $14.95.

    32. A pack of baubles that each represent a different country, like Japan, Greece, Russia, India, and more.

    Get a set of 12 from Land of Nod for $65.

    33. An unfortunate looking cat rocking a cone of shame with all the dignity you'd expect from a proud feline.

    Get it from Amazon for $16.62 or Jet for $15.94.

    34. A little circus friend that looks like it's giving the performance of a lifetime.

    Buy all four to have a complete show!

    Get it from Anthropologie for $18 (available in four characters).

    35. A glass bauble filled with sequins for a fun spin on a traditional ornament.

    Get it from CB2 for $3.95.

    36. A set of snow globes that actually light up!

    Each pack comes with a bear, deer, and tree. They're all lit with LED bulbs so they won't heat up your tree.

    Get a set of three from World Market for $23.97.

    37. A sparkling 2017 cake you might want to smash in the new year.

    So cathartic!

    Get it from Nordstrom for $18.75.

    38. A bottle of champagne to toast another successful decorating season.

    Get it from Anthropologie for $16.

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    Allison Krausman / BuzzFeed

    Reviews here have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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