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30 Things That Are, Uh, A Little Bit Weird

Keep shopping weird.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. A pair of loafers that really rise to the occasion.

2. An amazing shower curtain featuring Nigel Thornberry and his...butt.

3. Or a clear shower curtain with pockets for people who only have eyes for their screens.

4. A bag of edible farts that's a real gas.

5. A field guide to hipster animals, so you can identify them on the spot when visiting trendy establishments.

6. A little piano to jam out with while sitting on the toilet.

7. A sexy (?) googly-eyed thong for turning your junk into a trunk.

8. A skeleton hand reaching out from the grave — to hold your jewelry.

9. A raw meat patterned T-shirt for people looking to recreate Lady Gaga's iconic 2010 VMAs look.

10. Edible chocolate anuses that are super delicious, no butts about it.

11. A pair of fish shoes you're going to flipper over.

12. A garden Godzilla to take care of your infestation if gnomes aren't your thing.

13. A beach ball that's eye-deal for freaking out all the other pool goers.

14. A classic ball-in-cup game attached to a pair of glasses for doing some nose aerobics.

15. A set of brain-section coasters that form a full brain when you stack them. Dexter would love these.

16. A pair of instant undies because you never know when you're going to need them in an emergency.

17. A square bed that looks like a slice of bread for people who think their pet is cute enough to eat.

18. A Bigfoot button-down featuring the cryptid fighting some of nature's fiercest predators — and winning, of course.

19. A heart-shaped bath bomb that reveals a vibrator when you drop it in water, so bathtime can be a lot more fun.

20. A throw pillow you can personalize with someone's image so you can snuggle their face.

21. A tin of sloth nurse bandages that will help you sloooowwwlyyy get better.

22. A tortilla blanket so you can turn yourself into a burrito and hide from the world on bad days. Burritos are never sad.

23. A DIY snowman kit that lets you create a little happy snowman that you can then sadistically watch slowly melt.

24. A ray gun nose trimmer for zapping away any unwanted hairs like a hero from a futuristic sci-fi.

25. A friendly narwhal plush toy that gets feral if you're not careful.

26. A glowing Cthulhu bank and night light, because nothing says "sweet dreams" like a monstrous embodiment of chaos and death.

27. An egg-cellent pool float that's pretty affordable, so you don't have to shell out for it.

28. Fly push pins so all your notes and pictures can be like flies on the wall.

29. A pair of sweatpants inspired by one of the jazziest designs in history: a paper cup.

30. A pair of chopsticks with teeny-tiny hands to help scoop up food when your chopsticking skills still need fine-tuning.

Love weird stuff? Welcome to the club.

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