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    30 Gifts For Children At Heart

    You're never too old to enjoy these gifts.

    1. A Herschel backpack in a color scheme I like to call "Kindergarten chic."

    2. A Disney mystery box for anyone who's good with pretty much anything that comes from the House of Mouse.

    3. A Golden Snitch or anglerfish book light sure to light up their life.

    4. A sandwich cookie holding spoon so they never have to fish their soggy treat out from the depths of their milk ever again.

    5. A book from BuzzFeed's Good Advice Cupcake because Cuppy kind of reminds you of them in a lot of ways.

    6. A set of ornaments or lights for their beard, because who doesn't want to make a big show about the holidays?

    7. A Spongebob mini speaker or set of face masks for your favorite person under the sea.

    8. Pages upon pages of puffy stickers so they can cover everything they own in colorful, squishy fun.

    9. Squishy unicorns worth a good squeeze whenever this unicornless reality gets too stressful.

    10. A Mickey Mouse cardigan so snuggly, they'll wear it every time they turn on Disney+ (literally every day).

    11. A unicorn light that won't look corny in their room.

    12. A variety pack of Magic Spoon cereal for anyone pining for the sugary hoops of their childhood.

    13. A big beanbag so they can chill as hard as they did in elementary school. Remember how care-free life used to be?

    14. A pair of light-up sneakers that'll help them really make a bright first impression.

    15. A pair of Jimmy Fallon-approved Warby Parker sunglasses that have special spinning arms. Fun!

    16. A Blow Pop sweater for those with a sweet tooth as strong as any child's.

    17. A Bazooka candy kit filled with all the classic sweet and sour snacks. Cover this in wrapping paper before the Baby Bottle Pop theme song gets stuck in your head forever.

    18. A roll of blackboard contact paper so they can turn any flat surface into a canvas for all their chalk masterpieces.

    19. A wine glass for the mother who likes the Baby Shark song even more than the kids do.

    20. A sloth blanket they will be slow to ever take off.

    21. A bunny suit that'll pair well with their annual A Christmas Story viewing.

    22. A Totoro-inspired nightlight because you're never too old to be scared of the dark.

    23. A mini wacky waving inflatable tube man that looks a lot like your recipient when they hit the dance floor.

    24. A magical Hogwarts snow globe so they can relive the glory days of collecting snow globes from every place they visited. Sigh, if only we could really visit Hogwarts.

    25. A tulle skirt that's baaaasically a tutu.

    26. A pack of dragon wall decals for the person still holding out hope that they'll stumble upon a cache of dragon eggs one day.

    27. A Tamagotchi-inspired candle that reveals a special friend when lit.

    28. A succulent garden cookie kit from a very delicious looking Tasty x Wilton collab.

    29. A farting animal coloring book that'll be a toot to receive.

    30. And a Kirby sticker for all my babies out there.

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