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10 Signs Your Family Members Are Secret Gamers

They'll never admit it, but your family members are all gamers. And they're all playing Bejeweled Stars.

1. Your Aunt Bonnie got really huffy and annoyed when you mentioned your new high score around her.

2. You caught your cousin Tyler doing a "level complete" victory dance.

3. Your sister keeps talking about "swiping" to "match" on her phone, but that definitely isn't a dating app reflected in her glasses.

4. Your uncle has started dropping some interesting slang terms into his casual conversations.

5. You hear distinctly video gamey noises coming from the other room when they think they're alone.

6. Grandpa is constantly humming a theme song from something, and it's got way more "meowing" than your average TV show theme.

7. All of a sudden, every conversation with your cousin Lara is like an interview about what new mobile games you're into.

8. They were suspiciously quiet at the annual "This-Generation-and-Their-Damn-Video-Games" conversation at holiday dinner.

9. You see the glow of their phones and hear the "whoosh" of jewels being moved around from your parents' bedroom long after they're supposed to be asleep.

10. Your Mom has even started matching all the family groceries into groups of three.

There's nothing to be embarrassed about, family. We can bond over our mobile gaming obsession! Especially now that we can chat with the new emoji Charms in Bejeweled Stars!