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10 Sites You Should Be Using If You're (re-)Styling A Room

How we style our homes is as important to people's perceptions of us as how we style ourselves, so make yours a statement about who You are. Once you've hit up IKEA to buy the basics, visit these sites for finishing touches that represent You.

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1. Etsy.

Warm Grey Company, Etsy / Via

Let's start with a classic. If you're patient enough to wade through thousands of results, there are some real gems here. The trick here is to be as specific as possible with your search terms. Check out their instagram for inspiration.

My favourite Etsy shop at the moment is Warm Grey Company, purveyor of washable paper bags for every occasion. Stylish and affordable.

2. Bemz.

Bemz / Via

If you've bought IKEA soft furnishings and don't want them to look exactly like everyone else's head over to Bemz, specialists in slip-covers for IKEA products from sofas to cushions to dining chairs. They also do great bedding and curtains.

3. Houzz.

Houzz / Via

Your go-to destination for styling tips and articles on everything from period features to kitchen trends, with so many incredible photos of interiors your fingers will be reaching for a paintbrush before you can enunciate the last 'z' in Houzz. It's similar to Pinterest (another incredible resource) but purely for interiors.

4. Gumtree.

Gumtree / Via

This might be controversial. Not everyone is cool with owning something second-hand. Allow me to counter. If you take the time to sift through, there are some very unusual pieces at exceptionally good prices.

Victorian mahogany wardrobes in perfect condition for under £100? Check. Seriously, have a good rummage, you might be surprised.

And it's also a fantastic place to find up-cycling opportunities. Slap on some Annie Sloane Chalk Paint (or Rust-oleum Chalky Paint if you're on a budget) and suddenly your £10 chair looks a million dollars. You can even paint the upholstery.

5. Dowsing & Reynolds.

Dowsing & Reynolds / Via

At Dowsing & Reynolds, you can build your own light fitting exactly as you want it. They sell the ceiling roses, flex cord, shades and bulbs separately, and they can all work together.

You can even make over your sockets and cupboard handles with options in a variety of finishes. Their smoked gold finish is to die for.

Not sure what will work aesthetically or have a technical question? Ask their lovely customer service team.

6. Craft Design House.

Camilla Lee, Craft Design House / Via

Love the handmade and small studio ethos of Etsy but don't have the time to check thousands of listings and try to gauge quality from reviews? Switch it up to the adultier Etsy.

Relatively new on the block and still building up its list of designer makers, this company works directly with makers it has hand-picked based on the quality and uniqueness of their work. Many items are made-to-order and some are complete one-offs so you can add something truly unique to your home. You can also find out exactly who made your piece, where, and how, and reel off your new-found knowledge of Shibori dying or wood-turning to awed guests.

7. Remade in Britain.

OP Woodcraft, Remade in Britain / Via

For those of you who love the idea of upcycling but not so much the activity itself, head on over to Remade in Britain, a site that brings together talented upcyclers from across the country, selling their wares. Pick up everything from wall shelving fashioned from old crates to antique wardrobes painted in alarmingly bright blues. Again, it involves rummaging, but if you're skipping the actual original-furniture-sourcing and painting parts, you can spare a little time to explore the site.

How about a chair that used to be a bath-tub?

8. Brewers.

Brewers / Via

Let's not forget paint! And while Homebase or B&Q have a pretty great selection, for unusual colours, paint experts and a host of less common paint ranges, head to Brewers. They also stock speciality paints for painting on just about any surface you can think of. Just ask.

While you're there, you can also pick out your curtain fabric, your wallpaper and all your painting supplies...they've got you covered.

9. Ebay.

Clicksuperstore_ltd, Ebay / Via

Yes, I know Ebay is another giant, but again, if you know what you're looking for it can come up with some great pieces. Not as intrinsically quirky as some of the other sites listed here, but if you're looking to add a little glamour or period detailing check, they have an impressive array of worktops (granite included) and something I am particularly fond of, ceiling roses whatever your weakness (plaster, polystyrene, resin) and most of them have free postage! Yay.

I've been known to find the odd exceptional bed or light-fitting on there too. Again, be specific with your search terms or you'll get lost in an unfulfilling spiral.

10. Local Charity and Antique shops.

Okay, okay. I know this was supposed to be websites, but seriously, if you ignore what is on your doorstep you could be missing a treat. Great value, plenty of upcycling potential, some really unusual pieces, and you actually get to see before you buy! Not to mention, you're supporting charity with your purchases so you can feel extra good about yourself while you do it...

If you don't know where your local charity shops are, this site is a pretty great place to start finding out.

Most importantly, whatever you decide, have fun with it, and make sure your home is true to you.

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