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    • BeingASlaveIsCool

      So uhh.. Let’s recap: For 5+ years Alex Jones details how the mainstream media will link false flag domestic Islamic terrorist events to HIM and pro second amendment groups like the tea party. For 5+ years he is calledanutjob, paranoid andaconspiracy theorist FOR claiming the link will be made. He was specifically declaredaparanoid kook for saying the media will link him to terrorist attacks asapretext to attack him and anyone pointing out the corruption in government. Now the day has come and the mainstream media is shifting blame ofadomestic terrorist attack on him and the same people who called himaconspiracy theorist are now calling himaterrorist. Wow. None of it would be interesting without the 100’s of hours of audio and video where Alex Jones literally details exactly what is now manifesting. Or the 100’s of hours where he decries violence of any kind against the authorities.. police and military. None of this will makeadifference to any of those who will never take their time to investigate for themselves what Alex Jones has been saying for the last 15 years let alone the most recent 5. One thing that is clearly demonstrated here is people actually like censorship, surveillance and their government’s violent domination and wars. And those people whomiam speaking of are truly sick and lost.

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