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Chinese Traders Are Making Fun Of Americans For The NYSE Shutdown

Despite the week-long crisis at home, Chinese traders are watching and joking about others' troubles.

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Most of them are light jokes. A popular finance blogger commented: "In order to set an example of trading halt for China's stock markets, NYSE did its best!"

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"Wall Street Trading Tycoons Trapped Bargain Hunting In China Stock Markets, Financial Crisis Forming!"

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One user has already prepared a catchy headline for a typical Chinese anti-America propaganda newspaper.

Some simply got confused by what was happening in both countries. "The government-led socialist stock market is still operating, while the market-led capitalist one shut down already. Did God get wrong scripts?"

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Some wondered if China had anything to do with it. "Is it because NYSE traders bought Chinese stocks?" asked one user.

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One user anticipated that "Hilary [Clinton] is going to blame this on China, again."

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Some advised China’s stock regulatory commission to take note of how NYSE handled its problems easily by suspending entire trading. “You look and learn,” one commenter joked. / Via Weibo

Another user saw America behind China's stock market flux. "The capitalist America pulled the switch as soon it realized it was involved in China's stock market crisis."

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