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12 Gorgeous Photos From China's Rice Paddy Art Theme Park

Crop circles are so last century. And what these farmers do with rice will blow your mind.

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1. A set of enormous 3-D images has showed up in a rice field in the city of Shenyang, a city in China's northeast province, Liaoning. And they put any crop circles you've seen to shame.

2. These aren't the result of aliens or ancient civilizations. Instead, they're the handiwork of Chinese farmers as part of a theme park that opened last year.

Sheng Li / Reuters

The name of this piece of agricultural art, seen in Chinese in the field, is "China Days Quack Quack Good."

3. The patterns that make the art look like more than just a field of rice is the result of different rices being planted — different colors and heights of rice are very deliberately chosen.

China Stringer Network / Reuters

This piece features Nezha, a protection deity in Chinese folk religion.

4. The rice paddies stretch across 453,000 square meters (or 4,876,051 square feet or the same area as more than 80 football fields) as one of the biggest canvases for rice-based art in the world.


9. Look who's here: Mickey Mouse!

10. And Donald Duck! (...We are not sure whether this counts as copyright infringement on the park's part, but oh well.)

11. Peking Opera face mask, butterflies and smiley-faced sunflowers are all on display.

Here's some footage from state-run news agency Xinhua showing the view of the fields from up in the sky.

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