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The Best Meme Mashup You'll See On The Internet Today

All your memes are belong to this mural. When you mix the vibrant world of memes with the colorful world of BEHR® Paints, beautiful things happen. And when you get artist Mr. Kiji to paint this collaboration, a brilliant mural happens.

Watch this meme mural materialize in 1 minute!

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Memes can be all sorts of things, not just an image on a screen. They can be words or an "idea" that spreads to people far and wide. Memes have flourished on the Internet and their popularity grows more and more as people communicate with each other through these shared and universal ideas.

Here at BuzzFeed, we love memes. But who doesn't? And what's a better way to showcase all our favorite memes than with a mural? It's a perfect reminder of the mashup culture we are creating on our website and beyond. This mural is an homage to memes old and new.

Here are some behind the scenes pictures of the mural creation.

Can you name all the memes?

Fun Fact: The minihorse can be found on the BuzzFeed jobs page.

A corgi in a lobster suit. DEAL WITH IT.

Another fun fact: The Disaster Girl meme was created by BuzzFeed.

Finally, Advice Dog and Nyan Cat can be together at last.

Mr. Kiji likes pizza, hip hop, and Internet memes too!

You can check out more of his work on his website.

Here's the mural in our office space.

The finished product!

Video by Jason Bergman for BuzzFeed.