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11 Off-The-Wall Paint Ideas You'll Want To Try At Home

Painting your walls no longer means sticking to one (bland) color. There are a million easy ways to use paint to make your walls truly unique. With BEHR® Interior Paints, you can make your home anything you want, with color that's True to Hue!

1. Go crazy with gingham.

2. Create an ombré wall with a few extra pops of color.

3. Paint a woodland-themed accent wall.

4. Skip the wallpaper and paint your own subtle and stylish pattern.

5. Make a mountain-themed mural.

6. Create a bold floral faux wallpaper with paint for a super-sweet style.

7. Stencil on some fun shapes.

8. Paint on a headboard instead of buying one.

9. Create simple, clean stripes for a classic look.

10. Give your home an exotic patterned accent wall with a simple stencil.

11. Try an argyle wall to really make a statement.

Feeling inspired? Get started with Behr Interior Paint!