14 Creative Ways To Paint Your Kid’s Room

Children’s rooms shouldn’t be boring and plain. Get inspiration from these easy and fun DIY examples. Pick up a brush to create your child’s dream room with BEHR® Premium Plus Ultra Interior Paint and their array of vibrant colors.

1. Paint the bed frame.

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If you can’t commit to a mural, this is the perfect solution for you.

2. Make a stripe.

A single stripe is relevant to children of all ages. This adds a pop of color, while still maintaining a room’s simplicity.

3. Paint only near the floor.

Kilian O’Sullivan / Rex USA / Via rexusa.com

A lofted bed is any kid’s dream. Turn it into a treehouse by painting the floor green and adding grass to the perimeter of the room.

4. Paint above the headboard.

BEHR Paints / Via behr.com

This is a great way to add your child’s favorite color to a white room.

5. Paint the backs of shelves.

ariadna de raadt/Shutterstock / Via shutterstock.com

Having trouble deciding on one color? Buy a few shades of it to create this clean, design solution.

6. If your kids share a room, paint each half of the room differently.

Denis Closon / Rex / Rex USA / Via rexusa.com

Sharing a room can be difficult. By splitting the decor in half, you can satisfy both children’s personalities.

7. Mix patterns with bright colors.

Never feel tied down to painting each wall the same color. Be bold! Be brave!

8. Consider a repeating geometric pattern.

Pavel L Photo and Video/Shutterstock / Via shutterstock.com

Circles are ideal because you don’t have to worry about them perfectly lining up. If they overlap, they just create an interesting shape.

9. Create a mural around a focal point.

Galina Barskaya/Shutterstock / Via shutterstock.com

Choose your child’s favorite picture, or hangable object, to create a starting point for a wall design.

10. Paint only one wall and the window panes.

BEHR Paints / Via behr.com

This makes sure that darker colors do not overpower a room.

11. Add a comic book flare.

Adrian Brooks / Rex / Rex USA / Via rexusa.com

Paint the room bright colors and add fun superhero slogans on the walls or headboards.

12. Do a space shuttle theme.

Natalia Kashina/Shutterstock / Via shutterstock.com

Try using existing wall panels as your guide to divide colors. Add silver plates on the wall to simulate the experience of a space ship.

13. Use simple stencils.

Galina Barskaya/Shutterstock / Via shutterstock.com

Choose large shapes for an easy DIY mural that your child will love.

14. Cover the wall with bright polka dots.

Glow Decor / Getty Images

Fearful this is too much? You can tone down all of the color with white sheets and furniture.

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