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14 Colorful Accents That Make A Subtle Statement

You don't need a lot of color to say a lot about your style.

1. Design is preoccupied with the use of space, form, meaning, and, most of all, color.

2. Color defines everything from the buildings in which we live and work to the clothes we wear.

3. Color is not simply an adornment; color is the bridge between the world of design and the realm of art.

4. Color surrounds us and brightens every aspect of our lives.

5. Like with most things, when it comes to color there is a time for boldness and a time for restraint.

6. Just a splash of color can draw the eye.

7. It can beckon to us to come in...

8. ...or enliven our public spaces...

9. ...or convey hints about our very personalities.

10. A practiced eye can use just a touch of color to turn the everyday into something ineffably more.

11. Colorful accents can elevate the mundane...

12. ...and highlight the everyday beauty we might otherwise miss.

13. If we know how to look, little hints of color can tell us the story of a people, a place, or an entire culture.

14. So here's to color and what it can tell us and all the delightfully subtle places we find it.

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