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9 Fun And Creative Paint Ideas For Your Walls

Your walls feel sad when they're bare, so get inspired and start painting with BEHR! Their line of BEHR Premium Plus Ultra® Interior Paint comes in hundreds of designer-inspired colors, so your walls will never feel lonely again.

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3. Stenciled wallpaper

Painting wallpaper is a little more tedious than using a roller, but think of how accomplished you'll feel after designing your entire wall. Those beautiful paint imperfections will give your room more character, promise!

5. Chevron pattern

If you really really really wanna zig-a-zag-ahhhh, chevron patterned walls are for you. They're a nice alternative to stripes, and can create a fun, bold look in your home.

Learn how to transform your wall here.

6. Herringbone pattern

The herringbone pattern takes it's name from the herring, as it somewhat resembles fish bones. It's a little more elaborate than a chevron pattern, so you can play with color and space more.

9. Accent walls

BEHR Paints

Sometimes less is more, and in terms of walls, you don't have to paint them all ONE color. Accent walls are great if you want to call attention to a certain spot in your room, like a little nook, and pull attention away from your messy bed. (If that's your thing.)