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7 Ways To Transform Small Spaces In Your Home

Small spaces can be hard to decorate. So take a few tips from BEHR® Paints and their color expert, Erika Woelfel. They helped remake the BuzzFeed nooks from simple white walls to vibrant workspaces. Check out the tips here.

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The BuzzFeed office is pretty much one wide open space with lots of windows. There's not a lot of room for painting.

Joseph Lin for BuzzFeed

BUT we do have a fair number of small breakout rooms scattered around the office. We use them for making phone calls, having small meetings, or when we just need some time alone.

The rooms were pretty basic, so we asked BEHR® Paints and their color expert, Erika Woelfel, for an office paint makeover using the hottest, new painting techniques. She gave us advice on painting 4 nooks in the space.

We are so into DIY right now, (have you checked out our recently launched DIY vertical?) and wanted to bring you tips from Erika so you can pull these looks off in your home or office.

Whether you have small spaces in your home to work, play, or rest, they should look their best. Because a well painted room can change your entire outlook on the day! You can use these tips for a small study, your laundry room, a closet, or anything your heart desires. The sky is the limit when it comes to creativity.

1. When rooms are adjacent to each other, consider their continuity. Pick colors that would compliment both spaces.

We have two tiny conference rooms that sit next to each other. They have glass doors so that when you enter the room, you can still feel part of the rest of the office.

2. Make sure you test colors on the wall before you paint the entire thing!

Always make sure to test color on your wall. A color can change based on if it is flooded in direct sunlight, or in a dark, dim setting.

3. Make your small room interesting by accenting a focal point.

The green border around the white boards provides a nice pop in the rooms. For your home, you can do the same around a window or the doorway.

4. Consider what kind of mood you want to feel in your space. Blues help you relax and keep you uplifted.

If the nook in your home is a space you want to go and relax in, a nice cool color is the way to go.

Use the ColorSmart by BEHR® Mobile app for help choosing paint colors and pleasing palettes/combos.

5. Make use of the "5th Wall."

One of the most underused places to paint are ceilings! Here we painted the ceiling a Hawaiian Yellow PPU6-13 to draw attention up and brighten the space with a color reminiscent of sunshine. The yellow itself casts a slight glow on the walls in the right light.

For your home, remember that cooler colors make the ceiling seem higher, and warmer colors make the ceiling seem closer. It all depends on how cozy or spacious you want your room to appear!

Nook 4

Ombré is a popular technique that has moved over from hair and fashion into home décor. This room’s accent wall features the joining of two colors, halfway up the wall to create a painted “sunset” like effect. Behr’s Aurora Orange 210B-6 is the color on top and Fuchsia Kiss 100B-6 is featured below.

7. Follow these steps for the perfect ombré wall.


Roller, tray, 2 paint colors (one light, one dark), sea sponge, wide dry brush


1. Start at the top of the wall and paint Aurora Orange three-quarters of the way down the wall. Let it dry.

2. Then, beginning at the bottom of the wall, paint a solid, thick band of Fuchsia Kiss.

3. Continue to roll the paint up the wall to where it meets the orange paint.

4. With a spray bottle, wet the pink paint in small sections.

5. Use a large sponge to spread and pat the paint up the wall.

6. Gather more paint as needed from the middle and bottom parts of the wall, using your sponge to blend the color as you go.

7. You may need to continue adding paint for a bit until the blend is even. Try practicing on a piece of cardboard to get the feel of how it works.

And there you have it! Go off to make the room of your dreams.

For more color inspiration and tips, visit Erika's blog!

Photos by Joseph Lin for BuzzFeed.