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14 Trends You Never Want To See Again

Trends come and go, but hopefully these interior designs never come back to life. Luckily painting is a makeover solution that can save you from past trend nightmares with the easily accessible ColorSmart by BEHR® Mobile app. Download the free app to preview more than 2,000 colors and find the perfect paint color combination for any home decorating project.

1. Bead Curtains

Nicholas Rigg / Getty Images

Bead curtains might work for a psychic or palm reader, but they are not for normal people. Not to mention, they are IMPOSSIBLE to walk through without getting tangled up in them.

2. Shag carpet

Abby Lanes / Via Flickr: abbylanes

You are not Austin Powers, sorry.

3. Whatever this pattern of unfortunate carpet is...

bradleyolin / Via Flickr: yarhargoat

There is an upside. You won't see any stains on this staircase anytime soon. They're all hidden in the pattern.

4. The combination of wood paneling, shag carpet, and taxidermy.

Zack Seckler / Getty Images

This is a good look if you want visitors to think you live in a 1970's time warp. If that's what you're going for, mission accomplished.

5. Animal skin rugs

Shutterstock/ dmvphotos

Sure, we all know the rug's dead, but there's always that .00000001 percent chance that they might come back to life. At least that's how you feel in the middle of the night when all the lights are off.

6. Loud polyester upholstery

Amy Eckert / Getty Images

Laying on a couch should be a relaxing experience. Not one that makes you want to cover your eyes and scream.

7. Neon inflatable chairs

romana klee / Via Flickr: nauright

Inflatable chairs were never a good idea. One sharp poke and bye bye chair!

8. Tapestry couches

Thomas Duesing / Via Flickr: tfduesing

Trying to decorate around a windmill couch is only gonna give you a headache.

9. Plastic covered furniture

Rob Melnychuk / Getty Images

No one likes stains on couches, but sometimes you have to live a little. Take that risk, unless you want to make noises every time you adjust yourself.

10. Matching everything!

Asger Carlsen / Getty Images

Matching your belt and shoes is a good thing. Your curtains and bed spread?! NEVER a good thing. Unless you're going for the '80s motel look.

11. Animal prints

Liz Gregg / Getty Images

Animal print might have looked cool if you were a bachelor in 1996, but that is probably not the case anymore.

12. Tiki torches

Eugene Peretz / Via Flickr: peretzpup

Tiki torches should only be used in Hawaii during a luau. There's really no point to them because they don't stand up straight. One gust of wind and your beloved tiki torch is going to set your entire house on fire.

13. Lawn flamingos

Steve Harris / Via Flickr: stevenharris

Come winter time lawn flamingos look especially strange chilling in the snow.

14. Porcelain kitsch

Sherry's Rose Cottage / Via Flickr: sherrysrosecottage

Porcelain kitsch isn't even cool in an ironic way. It's just creepy.