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14 Incredible Celebrity Makeovers That You Have To See To Believe

The before and afters are unbelievable!

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1. Jennifer Hudson

Kevin Mazur/Contributor/Jon Kopaloff/Contributor / Getty Images

After becoming a Weight Watchers spokeswoman, Jennifer Hudson went from a size 16 to a size 6. Now she's the ultimate dream girl.

2. Snooki

Steve Mack/Contributor/Steve Granitz/Contributor / Getty Images

Turns out you CAN take the girl out of Jersey and the Jersey out of the girl. New mom Snooki ditched the Ed Hardy for a more glamorous look and is hitting the bar less! Good for her! Life's not all about booze.

3. Seth Rogen

Francois Durand/Stringer/Jason Merritt/Staff / Getty Images

Funny man Seth Rogen revamped his life by eating better and exercising more often. Little things can make a great difference. Like a new suit jacket.

4. Kelly Osbourne

Frazer Harrison/Staff/Jennifer Graylock/Stringer / Getty Images

Kelly Osbourne went from goth to fab! She also upgraded her greasy hair do to a new chic and purple look. The secret to her transformation? Kelly states that she learned to be happy with herself!

5. Matthew Lewis

Andrew H. Walker/Stringer/Ben Pruchnie/Stringer / Getty Images

Matthew Lewis went from dud to stud. It looks like the Harry Potter star really grew into his looks! He's almost unrecognizable with his sharp clothes and polished haircut.

6. Susan Boyle

Jeff J Mitchell/Staff/Matt Kent/Contributor / Getty Images

Susan Boyle "dreamed a dream," and that was to look fantastic. The 52 year old Britain's Got Talent superstar upgraded her wardrobe and hair. She went from frumpy, grey and frizzy to stylish and put together.

7. Nicole Richie

Donato Sardella/Contributor/Jesse Grant/Stringer / Getty Images

Richie did a 180 after giving birth in 2009. With a healthy diet and better lifestyle, reality superstar and fashion designer Nicole Richie is looking healthy and great.

8. Raven-Symoné

Kevin Winter/Jerod Harris/Stringer / Getty Images

Raven revamped her life by cutting out the stress! The former Disney Channel star learned to relax amongst all the hustle and bustle of Hollywood, and now she looks great because of it! Now that really is SO Raven.

9. Jonah Hill

Barry King/Contributor/NBC/Contributor / Getty Images

Jonah is an incredibly funny man as well as a shrinking one. After his physically demanding role in 21 Jump Street, Hill lost over 30 pounds. After his Oscar nomination, he traded in his old clothes for some pretty studly suits.

10. Kate Gosselin

Getty Images, Jackson Lee / Splash News/Bravo/Contributor

Sometimes motherhood can really take a toll on your looks. Kate Gosselin went through the ultimate mommy makeover. She traded her signature choppy outdated hair cut for long flowy locks. And at her best, she runs 10 miles every other day! Now that's a makeover!

11. Mama June

Noel Vasquez/Contributor/Charles Eshelman/Contributor / Getty Images

Everyone's favorite reality show mom is looking better than ever. We all knew she had fabulousness hidden in her. Mama June upgraded her farm looks for a more fashionable look. With a new hair style, make up and some great clothes, move aside Honey Boo Boo.

12. Josh Peck

Albert L. Ortega/Contributor/Jason LaVeris/Contributor / Getty Images

Josh has stated that living a healthy lifestyle really turned his life around. The Nickelodeon star used to play the wing man on Drake and Josh, but oh, how the tables have turned. You can bet he not only is the wing man anymore, but he sure doesn't need one either.

13. Jennie Garth

Jason Merritt/Staff/Noel Vasquez/Contributor / Getty Images

After a rough divorce in 2011, Jennie decided to take care of herself by exercising more and drinking coconut water! She says that staying healthy is more fun when you mix it with your everyday activities, like walking the dog.

14. Fat Joe

Ray Amati/Contributor/Dave Kotinsky/Contributor / Getty Images

Fat Joe says he got inspiration from Oprah Winfrey to turn his life around. He educated himself about eating healthier, and now hopes to be an inspiration for others wanting to live a healthier lifestyle.