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13 Animals Who Are Having The Worst Day Ever

You think your day is bad? Please. It's nothing compared to the dog who had his day ruined by the rain. His doghouse could have been salvaged if his owner had only used BEHR MARQUEE™ Exterior Paint & Primer with early rain resistance! There's always next time.

1. This dolphin just got laid off his job and now this happened.

2. This cat who is extremely frustrated with his pillow situation.

3. This dog who just found out that he's been chasing his tail the entire time.

4. This dog who is so upset about his pathetic housing situation.

5. This cat who hates rain, but has decided it's too late to get out of this now.

6. This hedgehog who tried his hand in magic, but failed miserably.

7. This dog who tried to make the word "fetch" happen, but it never caught on.


9. This dog who was just told that he was too fat to be a runway model.

10. This bear who stepped on a REALLY SHARP STICK, AND IT HURTS SO MUCH!

11. This dog's owner spoiled the ending of season one of "Game Of Bones" for him.

12. This cat who has gotten stuck in the same cup 10 times already, jeesh!

13. This dog who just finished a scary movie and wants to get a drink, but he's too scared to go into the kitchen.

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