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10 Dogs That Will Do Anything For A Treat

Some things are just too good to pass up. For humans, it's bacon. For dogs, it's Beggin' Strips. Check out these dogs going the extra mile for a sweet sweet piece.

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1. This dog that'll dance like no one's watching

2. This dog that will be your personal secretary

3. This dog will wear distinctly unfashionable socks

4. This dog that will do ALL your chores for you

5. This dog that will impersonate a Jack-in-the-Box

6. This dog that wants one so bad he had to be restrained by another dog

7. This dog will adopt a vigorous new workout routine

8. This dog will listen to you complain about Tony from HR for hours

9. This dog will bring you your favorite flower

10. This dog will put on his absolute best behavior

11. And Tofu, when he finally makes it to #BegginTime.