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5 Ways To Stop Losing Like, Every Sock You Own

Because you aren't Punky Brewster and mix and match don't work when you're 25. RE: BUZZFEED LIFESTYLE WRITER

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Cork board storage / Via Pinterest

It's easy to shove your socks willy-nilly into your dresser.

It's less easy to do that when you're using your cork board as storage and are forced to stare down your mismatched socks daily.

Missing sock board / Via Pinterest

My socks that are missing a mate usually languish under my bed and/or in a plastic bag shoved in the back of my dresser where they will probably stay until they become sentient or I get off my butt and pair them.

Whichever comes first.

This cute board gives you a place to put the lonesome socks in your life until their pair can be found!

Repurpose your wine problem / Via Amazon

You love wine


You have socks that refuse, much like Miley Cyrus, to be tamed.

Repurpose the dividers in your wine crates, setting them up in your sock drawer for a perfect home for all your special foot-faring friends.

Set them all on fire.

Giphy / Via Giphy

When in doubt, stop trolling Pinterest and just deal with the fact that you're a garbage person like the rest of us.

Burn your socks (along with your Martha Stewart-worthy aspirations) on a massive bonfire and embrace shoe-free living.

If it's good enough for Brendan Fraser in Encino Man, it's good enough for you.

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