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1 Piece Of Soviet Propaganda You Simply Won't Believe Survived

The propaganda and news machine of the Soviet era was (and still is) legendary - but this was never meant to survive, or land under the harsh sunlight of the 21st century or the public's scrutiny. Only now can the truth be revealed.

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Really, Soviet Russia?

Too long has dust covered the sinister machinations of the Soviet hoodlums and thugs responsible for so many terrible things quietly swept under the rug. Every modern state has skeletons in the cupboard; but this is the first to be uncovered. Soon enough America's time will come, and we will be yet further shocked and horrified.

However, this is the first line - and the vanguard of a new age of candid honesty. No more will disquieting images like this one be hushed up by Government; now the people know, and they are angry. "This looks like it's Jim Carrey!" they roar, and the very foundations of society tremble in response.

And they're not wrong - it does, a little bit.

However, this downright evil piece of work asks more questions than it answers: who is the man on the right? Is Jim Carrey enjoying his meal? Why is he saying "HET!" ? Is that how a man of his bearing - a man who starred in The Mask, for heaven's sakes - really spoke?

We, the people, demand to know more. Heed our cry, Jim Carrey! Your time will come.

'Het', indeed. We will not stand for it!

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