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10 Signs You Love Spicy Foods But Just Can’t Handle Them

Can you handle the heat? No, probs not. But you still love it.

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1. We get it – spicy food is amazing.

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2. But let's be honest: Some of us just aren't cut out for it.

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3. Yet we still try to be a hero by ordering THE hottest option from the menu.

4. "I'll be fine!" you say, over and over.

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5. Until you take the first bite.

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6. Your friends once again roll their eyes...

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7. ...and wait for you to start tearing up.


8. This is where you reach out for anything to drink. Water, milk, beer... All good options, but maybe not all at once.

9. This is where after gulping a whole bottle of whatever down, you swear off spicy food forever...


10. ...only to have another bite and repeat the cycle of loving and hating spicy food. FOREVER.

If you don’t want to give up your love-hate relationship with spicy foods, beer is here to help as a great complement – and not only with that but with most meals in general. Check out Beer the Beautiful Truth to find out more and enjoy the Night Noodle Markets in Melbourne this year.