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    • Beemoney

      I agree with Seth! Microsoft has admitted defeat and taken a back seat by marketing their system as an entertainment device. There is no war because Sony has proven the best system. I don’t care if the company likes me but if I like its products. To rag on Sony for what this guy is calling a “reaction” is pathetic! this is business and the point of the “console of War” is to one up the next guy. If this guy actually followed video gaming he would know just how big of a deal Sony’s press conference was for the “fanboys” and how big of a deal it is to be able to trade in disc based games. He would also know that you can currently downloaded games from your PlayStation Store, that can’t be traded in! and if you really paid attention to Sony’s press conference you would know that they’re going to continue to make this based games in addition to downloadable content. if you want to talk about books go write. this is the technology era! If want to read a book I’m sure my ps4 will read it to me! go right about something you know about!

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