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    Mysterious Glitter Hexagons Appear All Over San Diego. You'll Never Believe Why

    The San Diego 'Honeycomb Hunt,' is a city wide scavenger hunt that raises awareness about ways to help dying honeybee populations. Artist and activist Renée Ricciardi uses photography and art to save bees. People tend to think that bees are annoying bugs that sting you, but Renée proves that they’re much more than that. “They’re the number one food pollinator,” Ricciardi said as she held one of her glitter hexagons in her hand, “they’re dying and without bees we won’t have enough food. I want to raise awareness.” The kickstarter photography project, Bees in Italy highlights these issues.

    Honeycomb Spotted in Ocean Beach, California

    The honeycombs are installed in high traffic areas from La Jolla to Coronado and each has a QR code for Renée's kickstarter campaign, Bees in Italy.

    Gaslamp District

    Bees in Italy is a photography project that aims to document progressive organic life in Italy, so that other nations can learn about how Italy is banning pesticides to save bees.

    Downtown San Diego

    People are encouraged to photograph the public art pieces and upload to social media with the hashtag #HoneycombHunt.

    Honeycomb hunters can stay up to date by following the hashtag #HoneycombHunt @Bees_in_Italy on instagram and twitter.

    The kickstarter campaign is active for 20 more days. To make a donation and receive a free postcard and photo, please check out this groundbreaking project.

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