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11 Signs Your Mate Might Be A Bit Of A "Meathead"

Tag a mate. And while you're at it, learn a bit about a balanced diet here.

1. Let's get this one out of the way quickly: Your mate loves wearing a good "Tap Out" shirt for any occasion.

2. Your mate will order a steak for pub lunch and not touch a single green or the salad.

"I'm not a f*ckin' rabbit."

3. In fact, you mate will even ask to swap out the salad for two lots of chips.

4. Your mate thinks they could handle eating a whole cow by themselves...

5. ...not to mention they think "the whole bloody thing" is how to portion their meat.

6. While they get plenty of zinc with their beef, the only zinc your mate's ever heard of is the stuff for their face.

7. The only way you can get them to eat a green is if you sneak peas into a shepherd's pie.

8. Like, even fruit... They won't have a bar of it.

9. They love a good stitch-up. And they're usually the best at them.

10. "I reckon I could do that" is your mate's life motto, no matter the situation.

11. And sometimes they just don't know their own strength.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with being a bit of a meathead. But you should consider a bit of balance. Check out the Trinity Experiment for ~scientific~ reasons why a healthy, balanced diet can help make humankind be the best it can be. Watch it now. Seriously.

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