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What Fall Food Products Do You Want To Stop Pumpkin Spice From Outshining?

Pumpkin spice is on a grocery store reign of terror, and we need to put a stop to it!

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Calling all Grinches of Fall, haters of all things pumpkin spiced

How are we letting pumpkin spice rule our grocery stores when flavors like maple, cranberry and apple cinnamon exist???

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It’s time we band together and fight back for all of our favorite underrated fall treats

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Maybe you're a maple fanatic, and don't think it's getting its fair share of attention

Bebe Jones

Or does September 21st mark the start of your caramel apple flavored season?

Bebe Jones

Do you love the foods that remind you of Grandma’s Thanksgiving dinner, like cranberry swirl?

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Maybe you’re favorite fall treat brings you back to your childhood. Who didn't love getting these in their lunchbox?

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No matter if you're a pumpkin spice hater, on a pumpkin spice overload or have too much pride to admit you like it, we want to hear from you.

Tell us your favorite underrated fall treats, pumpkin spice will overshadow no more!

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