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18 Picks From Bed Bath & Beyond’s New Everhome Line That’ll Make Any Space Feel Super Welcoming

Home decor for your bedroom, bathroom, outdoor spaces, and more!

Your home style is about more than just how something looks. It’s also about how it makes you feel! Bed Bath & Beyond's new Everhome line is filled with casually sophisticated home decor that all feels super welcoming. Check out some of the top picks below!

1. This Emory Hotel Border 3-Piece Comforter Set to give your bedroom a crisp, seaside-inspired look.

2. This Mabel 3-Piece Quilt Set that is the perfect combo of stylish and cozy.

A bed with a quilt design

3. This PimaCott® Sheet Set that has a soft, 800-thread count to make you even more excited to get into bed each night.

4. This Reid Ladder Stitch 3-Piece Comforter Set that has a simple yet sophisticated style.

5. These classic Solid Egyptian Cotton Towels that come in a range of colors to match any bathroom aesthetic.

6. This Beaded Striped Bathroom Accessory Collection to add some textured style to your counter.

7. This Preassembled Cabinet with Baskets that pairs a clean silhouette with cute seagrass basket drawers for a timeless design.

8. This Emory Shower Curtain that has an embroidered trim to give your bathroom some clean and classic style.

9. This Leaf Square Throw Pillow with a geometric leaf pattern for a touch of effortless elegance.

10. This Cinched Glass Table Lamp that's as much an artistic accent as it is a lamp.

11. This Oval-Shaped Decorative Vase that doesn't even need to be filled with flowers to look elegant (although it doesn't hurt!).

12. This Saybrook Egg Chair that has a bold frame made from steel and wicker, as well as a soft cushion to keep it cozy.

13. This shatterproof Melamine Dinnerware Collection that's an easy addition to elevate backyard barbecues and outdoor dinners.

14. This Solar LED Ceramic Lantern so you can light your yard in style and enjoy late summer nights under the warm glow.

15. This Border Stripe Outdoor Pillow to add a pop of casually coastal flair to any couch, indoor or out.

16. This Saybrook 3-Piece Outdoor Chat Set that can help turn any corner of your outdoor space into an inviting oasis.

17. This Garden Tools Set that not only includes three tools and pair of gloves but also a cute and convenient bag to store them all in.

18. This Galveston Outdoor Parisian Chair that'll add some cute French cafe style to your own backyard or patio.

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