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12 Products From Bed Bath & Beyond’s Simply Essential Line That'll Make a Big Difference For A Small Price

These finds from Bed Bath & Beyond will make your home even more of a happy place.

Home is where more than just the heart is. It's also where all your favorite essentials are. In other words, all the things that make your home your happy place.

Whether you're looking to revamp your space or just ~refresh~ it, Bed Bath & Beyond's Simply Essential line, with its affordable, high-quality pieces for every room in your home, is most definitely the place to start.

Kitchen accessories, pillows, and a stack of towels in blue prints

If you're looking to round out your kitchen utensils, style your bedroom, or outfit your bathroom, Simply Essential has you covered — *without* breaking the bank.

Here's just a sampling of the legitimate bounty of offerings from the Simply Essential line to make your home complete:

1. A medium support microfiber pillow to help you get the deep, uninterrupted sleep that comes with laying your head on a pillow with a firm but personalized fit. Basically, all the comfort of a high-end pillow without the discomfort of the high price tag that usually comes with it.

Two white microfiber pillows on a bed

2. A set of four supersoft cotton hand towels in different pastel and muted tones as the perfect calming accent in your bathroom. At prices like this, it just makes sense to stock up in a beautiful color for every season.

3. A three-piece stainless steel whisk set so you can stretch your kitchen repertoire without stretching your wallet. This will let you tackle any baking or cooking adventure you set your sights on, from whipping the perfect fluffy scrambled eggs with the smaller whisk to handling the bulk of mixing your dry and wet cookie dough ingredients with the larger one.

three differently sized whisks

4. A five-piece nonstick baking set that comes complete with *deep breath* a roaster, cookie sheet, round cake pan, loaf pan, and muffin pan, so you will truly have every dessert-making option at your disposal, whether you're celebrating a birthday or craving the kind of fresh-out-of-the-oven cookie you can only make at home. Now you can finally assert yourself as the most beloved baker in the neighborhood for a fraction of the price.

The dark gray pans laid out against a white background

5. A set of hypoallergenic stain- and wrinkle-resistant sheets made with Bed Bath & Beyond's signature Truly Soft fabric to give you a supremely soft and smooth feel *without* overheating. Bonus? These are so affordable that you'll be able to buy another set of "backup" sheets for every room in your home.

6. A microfiber mattress pad with a quilted texture so it won't just add extra protection against spills and mishaps, but will also add an extra layer of softness to your bed to give it that ~sleeping like royalty~ feeling you deserve. Basically, this pad does a whole lot of work for a delightfully small price.

Model pressing hand into quilted white mattress pad

7. A microfiber down alternative comforter that reviewers love for its versatility, trapping in the heat during colder nights but retaining its lightweight feel all through the warmer ones. Finally a high-quality duvet that's light on your bed *and* your wallet.

A white box-stitched comforter on a bed

8. A nylon kitchen utensil collection, which lets you mix and match your most needed kitchen utensils for just $1 each. These durable pieces are all lightweight, heat resistant, and dishwasher-safe to boot, so you can rely on them for years to come.

The black nylon utensils on a white background

9. A set of three stainless steel mixing bowls you can snag for the price you'd usually pay for just one — and considering these come with measurement markers on the side *and* lids for easy fridge storage, these deliver even more of a bang for your buck.

Three stainless steel bowls stacked on each other

10. A water-repellent shower curtain with a subtly playful print to weave in perfectly with the rest of your bathroom decor, even if you decide to switch it up every now and then — and considering prices like these, that's even easier to do now than ever.

Shower curtain with lined design in ovals throughout

11. A microfleece blanket with a fabric so soft and a price so reasonable you'll probably want one for every room, so you can snuggle under your work-from-home blanket by day and your movie-watching blanket by night.

12. A superabsorbent, luxuriously soft memory foam bath rug so comfy and affordable that both your feet *and* your bank account will want to sing.

A beige-colored rectangular bath mat by a tub

Round out the rest of your home with affordable, long-lasting finds from Simply Essential, available only at Bed Bath & Beyond.