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14 Products From Bed Bath & Beyond's New Line Haven To Transform Your Bathroom Into An Oasis

Escape the noise with Bed Bath & Beyond’s newest brand.

Ahhh, our bathrooms...aka our sanctuaries, our safe place, our escape from the chaos (if we're lucky!). For many of us, it's the only spot where we can really achieve that much-needed R&R.

Well, we've got some news to share: The experts in all things bath and beyond (see what we did there 😉) are back with a brand-spanking-new collection to reinvigorate your favorite room. Introducing Haven, Bed Bath & Beyond's latest brand and the crème de la crème in calming, spa-inspired bath essentials.

Modern-looking bathroom with towels on a leaning ladder rack

If you've ever dreamed of upgrading your space, you're not going to want to look any further than these luxurious finds. They'll instantly transform your bathroom into an all-inclusive spa experience (without the hefty price tag).

OK, so let's get down to the good stuff that you'll find within this new Haven line:

1. These 100% organic cotton towels that'll envelop your entire body. Some might say the soft and fluffy goodness found in the ethically sourced materials will extend the tranquil feeling of being in your warm and soothing bath.

2. These 100% organic cotton waffle and terry towels designed to be superabsorbent look like the kind you'd find in an actual spa, *and* be gentle on hair. So you can leave your bathroom feeling completely relaxed and free of frizz.

A basket of blue waffle towels

3. An acacia wood bath tray that has "me time" written all over it. Prop your snacks, drinks, tablets, books, dreams, aspirations, and whatever else you need on top so you can melt into full-on signing-off mode.

A close-up of the bath caddy on top of a bathtub

4. A pillowy soft Haven bath mat featuring a unique pebbled design that will give your toes the feeling that can only be described as floating on a cloud. Because the moment you step out from your shower? You'll feel like you're in heaven.

A model's feet standing on top of the white bath mat

5. A frosted glass sink accessory set that can add a subtle pop of color and bring an expensive ocean-view vacation vibe right to your very home.

The blue frosted glass soap dispenser and tumblers

6. Or a trendy Haven matte ceramic set complete with a soap tray and toothbrush tumbler, to add touch of elegance and organization to your usually cluttered countertops and shower edges.

The matte granite colored bath accessories and tumblers

7. A plush cotton linen blend robe that, once you wrap yourself in it, will afford you the feeling of being in your very own paradise. Can you hear the sounds of trickling water? Let's pretend it's from a waterfall and not your showerhead, shall we.

Model wearing a knee-length robe with a tie belt waist

8. Or a thick Haven terry cotton robe with a wavy rib design so you can switch off and get cozy in peace as you draw yourself a delightful bubble bath.

9. A stylish towel ladder that'll ~elevate~ the look of your bathroom because it's the sort of hanging solution you'd only discover on a fancy home improvement blog.

10. An organic cotton shower curtain accessorized with stunning gold U-shaped hooks to breathe new life into your spa-like abode.

11. A cushy pair of criss cross slippers with memory foam that are a lot more stylish (and comfortable) than the ones you'd find at a boutique hotel. Pop these on and watch all of your stress evaporate into thin air...

The gray criss cross slippers on a bath mat

12. A dual-sided vanity mirror complete with a wooden catchall tray, so you can store your most used beauty products and save yourself the hassle of searching for the serum that completes your nightly routine.

The gold vanity mirror with a wooden base

13. A wooden bath side stool to serve as an additional seating area or prop spot for your bathroom essentials, books, or phone (that's obviously been placed on Do Not Disturb).

A close-up of the wooden bath stool

14. A wooden bath mat that might make you believe in magic, because this is the type of accessory that can only be found in professional saunas — and now *your* spa-like bathroom.

The checkered wooden bath mat

Soak in the calm and unwind with stylish finds from Haven, available only at Bed Bath & Beyond.