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Corgis In Costumes - The 2013 San Diego Edition

Once again Corgis were forced, tricked, and made to look ridiculous all so their human parents could have fun. And once again, Corgis put up with it because their good natures (and desire for noms) kept them from staging a protest.

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Any Corgi can rock a witch costume, but it takes a special one to wear the pointy hat at a jaunty angle. / Via

Prior to donning the witchy attire, this Corgi was concerned the colors just didn't go with her fur. Fortunately, she was able to pull off the look when she added green accents to the mix.

Corgi on Patrol. A Corgi's work is never done. / Via

Every Corgi knows it's all fun and games until someone ends up in a Cone of Shame, so this guy was all about keeping his buddies safe while throwing the Halloween party to end all parties. Because of his hard work, no Corgi injuries were reported that day.

Corgis are born ready for their close-ups. It's a fact. / Via

Everyone knows Corgis are one of the most photogenic dog breeds, so it was only natural that a professional photographer set up shop to capture their awesomeness.

It's a, it's a, it's a Flying Monkey from Oz! / Via

Sookie the Corgi didn't seem to mind that no one had any idea what she was supposed to be because anything was better than the fairy costume her mom forced her into last year.

Corgi penguins are among the most controversial hybrids on the planet. / Via

Just look at those three in the corner debating the important issue of whether a Corgi and a penguin should ever mix. Personally, I believe this Corgi is rocking that penguin costume like nobody's business.

Robin Thicke - you've got nothing on this Corgi / Via

Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus might have made twerking in a ref outfit a 'thing' on the VH1 Music Awards, but this Corgi went back to basics and let the distinguished black and white outfit speak for itself.

It's the Great Corgi Pumpkin! / Via

Yes indeed, for the first time in years the Great Corgi Pumpkin was sighted during a Halloween celebration. This means Corgis are in store for an extended six month run as the Internet's most popular short-legged, fluffybutted dog breed.

Even at a Corgi meetup, the battle between MAC & PC rages on. / Via

On the left is an Apple Genius, complete with store name badge and a wealth of MAC knowledge. On the right wearing a frog costume because, really, why not, is a Corgi representing PCs. And the winner is...who cares? It's a Corgi Halloween party!

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