What It Felt Like To Watch Trump’s Speech As A Mexican-American

“He’s insinuating the majority of these people are dangerous… it’s just so unreal.”

1. Donald Trump hasn’t been shy about his position on Mexican immigration, which is a position that has left several people feeling alienated and upset.

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2. Meet 24-year-old Carmyn. Her family is from Mexico and she currently lives in California with her mother, who (along with Carmen) is a U.S. citizen.

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3. When Donald Trump made a speech that generalized Mexican immigrants as dangerous and criminal, Carmyn couldn’t help but be upset.

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4. His speech made sweeping generalizations about Mexican immigrants as a whole (both legal and illegal).

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5. For Carmyn, watching something like this was terrifying…

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6. …And seeing the way the crowd rallied in support for Trump was even more disconcerting.

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7. She was unsure of how to feel: Scared, upset, angry… or all of the above.

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8. So, in an effort to comfort Carmyn, her mother found data to disprove the horrible claims Trump had made about Mexicans and their culture.

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9. Contrary to Trump’s claims, immigrants (both legal and unauthorized) are statistically immigrants (both legal and unauthorized) are less likely to commit crimes than native-born Americans.

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10. And immigrants are not just active participants in society, they’re also entrepreneurs.

11. Essentially, the success of the United States is grounded on the people who have immigrated here.

12. So, as far as Carmyn is concerned, Trump can sit down…

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13. …Because no one should feel intimidated or unwelcome in their own country and in their own home.

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